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Why Do You as an Artist Need Animated Music videos?

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Animation may not be your second thought when we talk about music. 

But, there are hundreds of successful musicians who have used animation to their advantage. Their video content features dreamy visuals built with 3D computer graphics. It’s not only on the creator’s side. 

But, the buzz on animation can also be heard through scrolling on social platforms. Most users of apps like Snapchat and TikTok love animated stuff. 

The use of virtual avatars and Bitmojis is also wildly popular among these users.

And, we have a huge audience who wants to consume anime. People love shows, movies, and music that are created to feature animated content. 

Given all that, it would only make sense to integrate animation into the music videos. There is no doubt there is a massive potential for growth, especially for content creators. 

The global music industry is valued at 12 billion USD currently. Music creators have already been lauded for integrating powerful animations into their content. 

Perhaps, it’s the use of animation in music videos that have also allowed the animation profession to pick up steam. And, we now see video animation companies being in high demand throughout the world. 

But, before some decide to switch gears and integrate animations into their music, it would be best to know how animation allows the artist to rock their performances and keep the crowds buzzing. 

How music artists have used animations?

Musicians have revolutionized content creation with the use of animations in their music videos. 

While you would find some turning a few scenes into animated ones, which we would call switch animations, you will also come across others who have animated full videos. 

These two variants may have a different impacts on the audiences. But, we can’t drop the notion that these are for the same purpose: bringing more life to the story. 

In case you’ve missed out on this viral trend, there are lots of top artists who have used animations in their videos. These include Kanye West, Daddy Yankee, and Snow. 

Though the trend is going in full swing, one must wonder what gave it the push?

Pandemic. Musicians did not have the facility to visit studios or multiple locations, courtesy of social distancing. So, they moved more towards animated stuff. 

While it is suited more to the storytelling aspect of content, it also becomes highly budget-friendly. You don’t have to pay for artists or multiple locations. 

Plus, there’s an entire audience that finds animated music stuff super cool. Then, why not invest in it?

Remember, it’s a win-win situation for musicians, producers, and more importantly, the fans. 

Versatile benefits of animation for music videos

Animation in music allows you to grab millions of views instantly. Though that might be the primary result you would be targeting, there are some other benefits too. So, let’s find out. 

Element of customization

What is perhaps the most versatile benefit of animation for artists is the fact that animation allows you artistic freedom. Whatever you can imagine, can breathe life with the power of animation. 

You’re not limited by showing luxury life with supercars and million-dollar palaces. 

You have so much room to ideate, visualize and create something that will not only delight younger audiences but also swoop in more people who are kids at heart. 

More Promotion

Creating animation-filled music videos opens up doors for promotion. There are lots of animation studios and publishers who love the buzz around animated video clips and much more. It’s also a free way of exposing yourself to new people and exploding your content reach. 


Animated stuff is creative. 

You can use it to paint amazing characters, dreamy visuals, and inspiring stories. Plus, when it’s worth grabbing the attention of viewers, it will certainly delight their experience, making the content worth sharing. 

And, we know when stuff is worth sharing, it has every ounce of potential to go viral. So, you can actually create viral content when using animation in your videos. 

What’s worth your knowledge, is that even though animation is super popular, not everyone is using it. That leaves you with a lot of room to ideate, create and build an audience. 

So, for people who want to create new content or novice artists who want to build a fanbase, it might just be the perfect time for you to enter the industry with a bang. 

Unleash the power of animations in music videos. It’s quite less costly as the 3D animation cost per minute is quite reasonable for most creators than allocating hefty budgets for shooting on multiple locations. 

If you follow suit, it is no doubt that animation would open new doors of opportunity for you. 


The element of uniqueness is there for you to curate something ecstatic and stand out from others. 

You as much as every other artist know that if you follow suit to what successful artists are already doing, you might be able to grab people’s attention for a short time. 

But, you might not be able to have your mark. 

Your content would be seen under the shadow of the person you’ve copied. So, why not be creative?

Animation in music videos allows you to enjoy the chance to make something new and stand out from the ordinary. 

While people would have stories to tell with live-action clips, you can paint dreamy visuals, and delight your viewers with something that has never been shown before. 

So, that’s another versatile benefit of animation in music videos. You have the freedom to be unique, pursue your own creative instincts and stand out from others. 

And, you’ll surely be lauded for that. Period. 

Bottom line

To wrap up, animation has amazing potential for a variety of fields. But, when it comes to the music industry, it has opened doors of infinite opportunities for music creators. 

There are already many artists who have charged their content with animations. While they continue to rake in big, it is worth knowing that new creators have a lot of room to make the most of the market.

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