Why Do You Need Post-cycle Therapy After a Steroid Cycle?

Bodybuilding can cause significant changes in your body, both internally and externally. However, when you bring steroids into the mix, your body needs extra time and recovery to maintain its healthy working.
Whether it’s the Deca Tren test cycle or any other, bodybuilders are required to undergo the off-cycle period. Abstaining from steroids isn’t enough to normalize your body’s natural levels. To ensure making you’re bulking as safe as possible, you must follow each steroid cycle with Post Cycle Therapy,Testosterone therapy.

What is PCT?

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is rejuvenating your body’s hormone levels and preserving the gains made throughout the steroid cycle. A good PCT is crucial to ensure your health and alleviate the side effects of anabolic steroids.
PCT usually consists of abstaining from steroids while consuming compounds such as Aromatase Inhibitors or SERMS to minimize the repercussions of a steroid cycle.

Steroids and Testosterone – An Overview

Steroids primarily consist of synthesized testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the body’s anabolic development, including muscle gaining. When you take steroids, you ultimately increase your body’s testosterone levels.
Your body grows accordingly. However, it starts to build a tolerance for artificial testosterone, which causes your testes to slow down the natural production of the hormone.

Importance of a Sufficient PCT

To get your testosterone levels and other natural processes back to normal, you must implement effective post-cycle therapy during your off-cycle period. PCT is essential for restoring your hormone levels and minimizing anabolic steroids’ side effects and risks.

Revitalize Natural Testosterone Production

Your testes are responsible for producing testosterone. When you consume more testosterone for prolonged periods, your brain signals your testes to slow down or completely halt testosterone production, as artificial consumption suffices the usual requirement.

If left untreated, it can have irreversible consequences, requiring extensive therapy. PCT allows your body’s natural testosterone levels to return to normal.

Ensure Muscle Retention

During a cycle, your enhanced gains are a product of sufficient training and the steroids you take. When you abruptly stop fueling your muscles with increased testosterone, your muscle hypertrophy is slowed down significantly, and your muscle tissues start to deteriorate rapidly.

You can end up losing all you have worked for. A PCT helps to prevent any form of muscle wastage and preserve as many gains as possible.

Omit Estrogenic Side Effects

One of the key components of a good PCT is SERMS and Aromatase Inhibitors. These classes of drugs target the estrogen reception of your muscles. Aromatization is caused by several steroids, which cause the compounds to convert into estrogen. Too much estrogen can cause water bloating and gynecomastia which can be avoided by taking the right compounds during a PCT.

Sexual Well-being

Steroids can adversely affect your testicles and reproductive system in numerous ways. Stronger steroids can cause your testicles to shrink or expand past a normal limit, decrease semen production, and destabilize your libido.
The HCG hormone is an essential part of a PCT to counter these effects. It can help restore testosterone production, improve sexual performance and protect fertility.

Combating Other Side Effects

Steroids are completely lab-made and artificial and alter your body’s chemistry significantly. Due to a change in the vital hormonal levels, your body goes through several changes, some unpleasant and harmful.
A PCT alleviates several other side effects posed by steroids. These can include increased cholesterol, high blood pressure, hair loss, acne, etc.
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Wrap Up

To sum it up, Post Cycle Therapy refers to the recovery period following every steroid cycle. Steroids significantly alter your body’s chemistry; therefore, you need to normalize your body after every cycle.
A PCT helps your body to revitalize by stabilizing your testosterone production and body’s natural levels. It preserves your muscle gains and eliminates estrogenic side effects. Moreover, stabilizing your testosterone levels and testicular health prevents irreversible damage to your reproductive organs or infertility.
Additionally, it helps alleviate many other hormone-based side effects of steroids.

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