Why Government Jobs Are the Best!

It is not a hidden fact that a Government job comes with a lot of benefits. We all have often faced the debate whether a government job is more rewarding than a private sector job or not. Though a lot of people prefer private sector jobs due to various reasons, we cannot ignore the advantages that a government employee gets. Let’s have a look at some of the major advantages of doing a government job. If you are still confused as to which sector offers more benefits, the following points will clear it up.

Advantages of Government Jobs:

Job Security

Job security is the number 1 reason for most of the job seekers to choose a government job. In recent years, layoffs in the private sector have become quite common. If a company is not making enough profit, it can lay off employees to ensure that it does not suffer any loss. But the layout is less in the government sector.

That’s why government jobs are more secure than private jobs. Job security is one of the biggest reasons for applying for government exams. Government jobs offer more job security than private sector jobs.Government jobs in India offer stability. That’s why it attracts most of the people towards these jobs.

Retirement Benefits

Retirement is an important phase in every individual’s life. It is a time when a person stops working and enters a new phase of life. Retirement can be a time of joy and relaxation if one plans for it properly. One way to plan for retirement is to take advantage of retirement benefits provided by the government. Retirement benefits for government employees form an important aspect of their compensation package.

Work life balance

Government jobs have fixed hours, that’s why government employees enjoy a work-life balance. Government jobs are an ideal option for those who want to manage a work-life balance.

Government jobs have fixed timings, which is very beneficial for those who want to balance between personal and professional life.

Health Insurance and Medi Claims

A person’s health is highly unpredictable. We do not know when a person may suffer. Also, with the ever-increasing cost of hospitalizations, it has become difficult to obtain good medical care. Keeping these factors in mind, the government provides free healthcare for all the employees working with them. To add to this benefit, the government also takes the responsibility of bearing all the expenses of the entire family of the employee. No matter how expensive the cost of treatment is, the government will take full care of it. This also increases the employee loyalty of the people working in the government sector.


If due to some reasons your monthly or annual expenses have also increased then if you are working in the government sector then you do not need to worry because they will take care of all your additional expenses. If you want to travel anywhere in the country, the government will give you concessions on your travel tickets. These benefits are not provided in many private sector jobs but are fully assured in government jobs.


We all love to have holidays where we can spend time with our family and friends. To reduce the workload of the employees, the government gives them many holidays throughout the year. This enables an employee to go to his/her holiday destination and spend time with his/her near and dear ones. In case of private sector jobs, the employees are hardly given any leave other than normal holidays. Also, if an employee is suffering from excessive stress, the government can give him a weekly holiday. This gives the government employees a chance to deal with the stress and come back to work with more energy and enthusiasm.

Housing benefit

This is probably the best benefit that you can extract from a government job. In times where the prices of real estate are increasing with each passing day, it has become very difficult for a common man to buy or rent a house. This is where being a government employee will work in your favor. The government has made such a provision that it provides you a house in the government quarter where you can live for a nominal amount or sometimes completely free of cost. This will allow you to save a good amount of money on housing. However, you cannot stay at the same place after retirement. But this is an advantage that perhaps no other private company offers.

Complete insurance after retirement

One of the major disadvantages of working in a private sector is that after you retire, you do not get enough money so that you can live stress free and enjoy the rest of your life peacefully.Government job is also helpful when you face any health problem in your old age. But if you are associated with the government as an employee then after your retirement you get complete insurance for your life. Hence, you will not need to worry about your future and you can retire peacefully.

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