Why Hire a Video Production Company?

Reaching your audience and conveying your message well is extremely important for any business – and achieving this becomes much easier when you partner with a professional video production agency to create high-quality video content.

What Does a Video Production Company Do?

A Seattle video production company, agency, or studio specialises in the creation and dissemination of video content for businesses and brands. Unlike an independent or freelance videographer working in isolation, a video production company has a team of professionals working together, incorporating everyone from directors and camera operators to scriptwriters, editors, and other specialists.

A great video production agency will offer a comprehensive range of services, including but not necessarily limited to:

  1. Pre-production services – include understanding and evaluating the target market and audiences by conducting market research and analysis, investigating the brand itself, and gaining insight into the brand, business, and its audience. It also includes client meetings and collaboration, budget-setting, timeline setting, creative concept development, script writing and designing, casting, location selection, prop acquisition, wardrobe selection and styling, and more. Ultimately, this stage is where the purpose of the video is determined as well as its scope, tone, and intended publication channel.
  2. Video production – the shoot itself including production, direction, filming and audio recording, hair and makeup, and other crew responsibilities.
  3. Post-production – includes video editing, soundtrack selection and mixing, dubbing, voiceovers, motion graphics, animations, special effects, and more. Completed videos are potentially posted online and/or distributed for other platforms unless the client elects to disseminate these themself. Further promotion may be included, depending on the contract.

Benefits of Professional Video Production

Video production companies can deliver an array of tangible benefits for businesses – and everyone from government agencies to legal entities to retailers to influencers for commercials, training videos, promotional material, advertisements, branding content, social media content, website landing page content, films, TV shows, and much more.

The benefits of using video for your business and brand can’t be understated:

The vast majority of businesses now use video for marketing purposes.

  • Video is the second most-used type of social media content that increases audience engagement.
  • A majority of B2B marketers find video to be the most effective channel for triggering conversions.
  • More people – including senior executives – prefer to watch a video than read copy.
  • Video ads achieve the highest click-through rates of any type of display advertising.
  • Website landing pages featuring video content enjoy almost double the conversion rates of those without.

· Facebook alone generates 8 billion video views every day.

How could your business benefit from hiring a professional video production company?

  1. Enhanced Communication – bring your brand to life and reach your target audience to not only show them who and what your brand represents and offers, but to also trigger feelings, thoughts, and reactions.
  1. Expertise and Experience – professional video production companies have unrivalled industry experience and expertise – they know their role and have savvy techniques and tactics to deliver better results than anyone else could by choosing a DIY approach. Skills include shooting, lighting, composition, design, audio, direction, editing, after-effects, and fast turnarounds. They also have access to technology and tools that the average person does not.
  1. Save Money – yes, hiring professionals for video production does cost money, but your return on investment will speak for itself. They have all the expensive equipment and software at hand that you’d otherwise need to purchase. The videos they create will also be of better quality than anything a non-professional video production team could produce.
  1. Save Time – the professionals do this every day – as such, they can deliver results promptly, saving you time otherwise spent learning to use tech, and processes, and doing the nitty-gritty of producing a video.
  1. Outstanding Results – Creative expertise.Concept ideation. Engaging storytelling. Compelling scriptwriting. Exceptional visuals and audio. Dynamic results. The latest trends. You get all this and more with the right video production team.

Showcase and sell your product. Promote your brand. Broadcast events. Captivate your audiences. Achieve all of these with the right partner for video production near you!

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