Why Is My Vizio Sound Bar Not Working? Complete Solution

Because they are simple to maintain and operate, the Vizio soundbar is a good option for listeners to boost sound from external sources. Many individuals who do not have a complete speaker system but want to receive the most incredible sound are willing to utilize sound bars.

They would, however, want to learn how to fix the several issues with these gadgets first. If your soundbar has eventually stopped working, you are getting upset and thinking why is my Vizio 

Soundbar not working? Then you need to understand and follow a few essential steps. Check out our comprehensive guide if your vizio soundbar won’t turn off.

You can connect your Vizio soundbar to your TV in various ways, regardless of which one you choose. We’ll help you find out how to get it back and to run so you can watch your favorite shows and movies. The device causes most troubles only when the Vizio soundbar gets connected to the neighboring items.

The problem is with the sound bar’s settings or software. Taking care of the Vizio soundbar’s issues might be difficult. Continue reading for more information on how to resolve these difficulties without spending a lot of money.

Why Did My VIZIO Sound Bar Stop Working?

There might be an issue with the Vizio soundbar if your soundbar isn’t working. For example, if the soundbar is loosely attached to the Ac source somehow, it will most likely not turn on. If the socket is faulty or the circuit has blown, you may have the same issue.

Furthermore, anything placed between the Vizio soundbar and the remote might disrupt signals and cause connectivity problems. If the Vizio soundbar is mute or the audio settings are incorrectly configured, it may not provide the required loudness. Furthermore, if you connect the gadget to a piece of malfunctioning equipment, it may screw you up.

The lights on Vizio soundbars constitute a significant source of frustration for many users. The issue of lights automatically turning on and off is a major flaw with these soundbars. It is usually due to specific incorrect settings that you must correct.

It might be challenging to figure out what settings you need to alter if you don’t know. In such circumstances, though, a reset is a good remedy.

How Do I Reset My Sound Bar?

If you’re having further issues that you can’t solve with other techniques, consider Vizio soundbar factory reset defaults and do the following:

  1. Turn off the light.
  2. For around 10 seconds, turn off the AC power.
  3. Plugin the power cable once again, clear the sound bar’s settings, and this step will reset the equipment to factory defaults.

Buzzing Sound

Follow these steps according to Audio Speaks if the Vizio soundbar is making static sound:

  1. The connections on the audio cords you’re using should be firmly pressed into the soundbar and the Audio Source. If the links aren’t complete, you’ll probably hear some unwelcome noise coming from the speaker.
  2. You may break the audio cords you’re applying to link the Vizio soundbar to the audio supply. Replace the wires you’re using with new ones to see if the problem goes away.
  3. Change the audio input on your sound bar. The problem is most likely with the current input if the audio is good while the wires are connected.

Audio Setup      

If your audio is missing or you’re having other problems with it, consider the following:

  1. Ensure that the source device’s audio isn’t disabled.
  2. Ensure the source equipment generates PCM audio when you can’t even hear any sound through the Vizio soundbar for just a source connected through an optical cable. Several other audio types will not function through the soundbar when connected via optical cable.
  3. Ascertain that the Vizio soundbar is configured to play media from the correct input to which the source media is attached. Browse through all the sound bar’s connections to ensure this isn’t the issue.


A Vizio soundbar should be something to enjoy and use to enhance your video consumption, not something to be concerned about all the time. Technical troubles, like with all electronics, are a possibility. Fortunately, the solutions are typically straightforward.

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