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When considering essential life choices like growing a business, paying taxes, obtaining efficient healthcare, and visa-free traveling around the world, it is smart to ponder alternative citizenship. Procedures, such as repatriation and investment, that are suggested by Public Investments Solutions allow citizens of various countries to acquire European citizenship as an option to secure a desired lifestyle. High level of confidentiality of their case also attracts the attention of the emigrants, according to the reviews. 

Registration with Public Investments Solutions allows clients of this company to enjoy full legal support in immigration matters based on the expertise of licensed lawyers. As you will see below, reviews about Public Investments Solutions S.R.L. show that the company delivers on its promise. Let us find reviews on how PIS works, which services it provides, and what are general immigration requirements for obtaining a second passport from the EU. 

Brief overview of PIS immigration lawyers 

Public Investments Solutions provides full legal assistance in immigration to EU. As a result, clients get a second European passport and are eligible for respective benefits including, but not limited to numerous social rights of legal residents.

For example, reviews show that EU passports allow to travel freely and stay in nearly 160 countries for extended periods of time. Conditions for getting approved for this type of alternative citizenship include providing evidence of personal or business investments in a designated country. In case you have the proof of territorial affiliation or ethnicity of the chosen country, you are eligible for repatriation. 

The office of PublicInvestments.Solutions is located in Bucharest, Romania. Interested individuals who opt for immigration services may fill out a short contact form online or talk to a Public Investments Solutions representative with legal expertise. On their official website, it is mentioned that Public Investments Solutions’ lawyers speak English. However, reviews indicate that on top of services regarding citizenship of Slovenia/Romania, they also work with a lot of other countries in Europe. 

How to get an EU passport with the lawyers of PIS? 

A widely used practice of Public Investments Solutions immigration assistance procedures includes two primary ways of relocation: 

● By investment; 

● By repatriation. 

Conducting business is one of the primary options for obtaining EU passport. Naturally, if a person invested a substantial amount of money and pays taxes in a country of investment, they need to be able to stay in this location as long as business operation might require. 

Citizenship by repatriation is another viable option. Public Investments Solutions features include full repatriation support. Governmental programs of countries like Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Malta, among many European nation-states Public Investments Solutions works with, offer the possibility of getting alternative passports. 

Requirements, the clients should follow 

Public Investments Solutions mention that mandatory documents ought to include legal proof of investment ventures, not lower than the specified amount, derived by applicable law. 

Repatriation is completed under oath and can be extended to applicants’ children. Prior to documents approval, governments should verify participation in such a program. Public Investments Solutions also helps with this step. 

Clients reviews 

Now, let us review some Public Investments Solutions feedback because personal experience of the clients shows real results of cooperation with this company.

The first opinion is interesting because it is written by a person whose primary citizenship by birth is Nigerian. As we can see from this review, the client obtained an ID-card of Slovenia based on his investment. The customer’s review indicates that cooperation with Public Investments Solutions was comprehensive and easier than he expected. 

The next couple of reviews, we would like to highlight, shows Public Investments Solutions as a relevant option to cooperate with for those, who have no immigration experience. This fact portrays the expertise of Public Investments Solutions lawyers as genuine and useful in unique clients’ cases, described in each review.


All in all, both customer reviews of Public Investments Solutions and other sources of information available online, show that this company efficiently deals with helping customers to obtain European citizenship. Their main areas of excellence include investment-based options and repatriation. 

Besides reviews, the website itself is well-built and provides necessary information in a simple and concise way. Communication is conducted in English, either by phone or email. Numerous happy customers who have already relocated shed light on their experience with PIS on trusted online review platforms, so it is safe to say that Public Investments Solutions deserves immigrants’ attention.

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