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Why Kingdom Valley’s Location is considered a unique location?

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Whenever a developer or a builder plans to start a new housing project, they always look for a prime or ideal location for their housing project. The reason behind this fact is that they know the importance of prime location because the prime location is the location that gives promising results in terms of investment. A prime location or an ideal location is a location which is easily accessible and connects every corner of hotspot routes including access to commercial areas, education institutions, motorways, main highways, airports, hospitals and nearby housing societies. 

Therefore, one of the recently developed housing societies in Islamabad-Rawalpindi district Kingdom Valley under  “Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme” developers have chosen an ideal location for the society. The society was inaugurated back in 2021 by the kingdom groups owned by Ghulam Hussain Shahid with the specific purpose of granting an affordable investment opportunity for those who were in search of profitable investments with limited savings. With this concept of provision of an affordable investment opportunity, Kingdom Vally won the hearts of investors and dragged their attention towards the society for the attainment of profitable investment and a secure future.

Other than the affordable payment structure of the kingdom Valley, the location of the society plays an extremely important role in the success and popularity among the investors. As per Kingdom Valley’s location, the society is located on the main Chakri road near Chakri Interchange and the M-2 Islamabad-Lahore motorway. 

Reasons Why Kingdom Valley Location Considered as Best Location.  

Kingdom Valley housing society is located at an ideal location that joins and connects with the major hotspots of the region including the main Chakri Road, M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, Mumtaz City, Capital Smart City, New Islamabad International Airport, Rawalpindi Ring Road, Blue World City, CPEC route, Thalian interchange, direct access to twin cities including access to Bahria town and DHA society. All the mentioned routes are considered the main hotspots of Islamabad-Rawalpindi and direct access to all these routes is considered a positive factor in the Kingdom Valley housing society’s success. 

Kingdom Valley Housing Society Access to New Islamabad International Airport

As per research and analysis by developers and builders, the societies that are nearer to Airports maximize the overall worth and value of the society, because most people including overseas Pakistanis prefer frequent travelling from Pakistan to abroad or from abroad to Pakistan and that’s a reason they look for investment opportunities nearer to airports that could save their time and energy from moving here and there. That’s why New Islamabad International Airport is considered an important route for Kingdom Valley which is only a few minutes’ drives away from Kingdom Valley housing society.

Kingdom Valley Housing Society Access to Recently Developed Housing Societies 

For the last few years, thalian Interchange, Chakri Interchange and M-2 Islamabad-Lahore motorway have become the hub of recently launched housing societies. The reason behind the development of all these societies is for sure the ideal location and the prediction of profitable investments. The same reason goes for Kingdom Valley as well whose developers chose the best location for its development. Other than Kingdom Valley housing society, blue world city that had been declared as Pakistan’s first tourist centred Housing society, Capital Smart City has been declared as Pakistan’s first smart housing society, Mumtaz city has been recognized as one of the best housing societies in Islamabad-Rawalpindi are all housing societies that are located on M-2 Lahore-Islamabad motorway and have direct access to Kingdom Valley housing society which is again an important factor for Kingdom Valley.

Kingdom Valley Housing Society Access to Important Routes.

Other than recently developed housing societies, Kingdom valley housing society has direct access to multiple interchanges including the Chakri interchange and Thalia interchange which are extremely important for residential housing societies because they allow the residents to have save and secure travel. Kingdom Valley is also connected with Rawalpindi Ring Road and CPEC which have been predicted as economy booster routes for Pakistan in near future and are considered the best and most appealing routes for businessmen and investors.

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, science the inception of Kingdom Valley housing society, promising investment opportunities have been seen and investors are very happy with the development progress of Kingdom Valley. The reasons behind the satisfaction of society’s investors are the unique features of the society including the prime location of the society that attracts investors and businessmen because of the society’s connectivity with captivating hotspots.

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