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Why Managed Office Spaces are in Demand in Bangalore?

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Are you also looking for flexible/managed office spaces in Bangalore? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page. Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India has been a most prominent center for commercialization in the past two to three decades.

The capital of Karnataka is indeed one of the most prominent cities in India to acquire a professional office space with the motive of business expansion and growth. Considering the shift in the trend, businesses are implementing an integrated workplace management system to offer the utmost flexibility to the workforce. 

Covid-19 has acted as a booster for the coworking industry because since then, businesses have shown interest in acquiring managed office spaces in Bangalore and other potential cities in India. Bangalore is famously recognized as the leading city which has a significant number of IT companies including startups and big enterprises.

It won’t be false to admit that concepts like integrated workplace management systems and hot desking have played a crucial role in the overall development of the coworking sector.

Apart from the IT sector, Bangalore is best for food processing, electronics, banking and finance, telecommunication, biotechnology, aerospace, automobiles, and steel industries. In this blog, we’re going to understand the psyche of entrepreneurs behind leasing Flexi office spaces in Bangalore.

5 Benefits of Leasing a Professional Office Space in Bangalore

The epidemic has taught many lessons to people across the globe. No one ever thought that they’ll have to convert their private spaces into workstations. The concept of work-from-home was addressed and welcomed by the corporate sector which ultimately resulted in the favor of both; employers and employees.

But, the threat of the pandemic seems to be on a decline and companies are trying to bring back their workforce to the office spaces.

On the other hand, the workforce is now seeking the same amount of flexibility, convenience, and sense of safety that they had during the WFH period. This is the prime reason why businesses are switching from traditional to professional office spaces in different cities of India. Below are some of the benefits of acquiring a shared office space in Bangalore.

  1. Availability of Skilled Workforce: There’s already a plethora of IT and other companies in Bangalore and if you’re interested in leasing a professional office space in the city then it is a wise decision. Once you acquire a managed office space in Bangalore, the next ultimate task is to onboard skilled and experienced human resources to uplift the quality of business operations. Since the city is packed with numerous business organizations and educational endites, finding the right person for the right job at the right time is not that hectic of a task. 

2. Presence of Big Market Leaders: The “Silicon Valley of India” is home to many leading business organizations including Google, Infosys, TATA Consultancy Services, IBM, Accenture, Wipro, Amazon, Deloitte, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Adobe Systems, and many more. This is again one of the most influential and fascinating factors that attract entrepreneurs to lease professional office space in Bangalore.

3. High Density of Investors: Investors play an imperative role in the overall development and growth of the business. If you’re commencing a business then it becomes more important to find the best investors to contribute and help the companies to capture the market. Finding the right investor is not a complex task for entrepreneurs because there are plenty of them who can help you with capital. 

4. Soothing Environment: Apart from tech startups and educational institutions, Bangalore is also praised and globally recognized for its soothing and comfortable weather. Climate plays a direct impact on the mood of the employees and mood is vital to deliver the utmost quality of work. The lively environment of the city attracts businesses to lease fully-furnished tech-enabled managed office spaces in Bangalore.

5. Amazing Infrastructure: The government bodies and authorities have done a remarkable job in strengthening the overall infrastructure of the city. A well-planned infrastructure empowers the cities to grow faster in terms of economy. This factor attracts entrepreneurs to lease professional office space in the city because it has a power railway system, road support, ports, and airports.

Therefore, these are some of the major benefits of leasing a managed office space in Bangalore. There are several locations and commercial buildings where you can lease professional office space.

 Here, you can successfully implement concepts like integrated workplace management systems and hot desking without facing any hurdles.

Finding the right location and the right platform for shared office spaces is hard at times which is why Smartworks is here to take all your burden. Smartworks is India’s largest platform for managed office spaces with a presence across 11 cities in India including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Jaipur, Indore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Pune. Below are some of the best commercial buildings in which you can lease professional office space.

  1. Global Technology Park
  2. Golden Millennium
  3. Sirius Building
  4. Sargod Imperial
  5. DSR Techno Cube
  6. Prestige Zeenath
  7. Karle Town
  8. Vaishnavi Tech Park]

So, don’t wait any longer and connect with us to lease fully-furnished tech-enabled flexible office spaces in Bangalore.

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