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Why More Likes on YouTube Comments (And Comments) Are Good For Engagement

YouTube is an amazing video platform where people can upload videos and share their views. However, the experience of viewing a video on YouTube can be complicated if you don’t understand certain aspects of digital marketing. It seems like every day there are new posts on how to improve your YouTube channel, but most of them are useless.

YouTube users expect comments that they can reply to or like, in order to have more human interaction with other viewers and feel more connected to the videos they watch. And there are some features that enhance the user experience by encouraging engagement with your channel and making it easier for users to leave a comment or likes other comments.

When combined with other strategies, these features help you get more likes on your videos and attract more subscribers. So let’s explore why having more likes on YouTube comments and comments improves engagement and leads to higher subscriber counts faster than other strategies…but before we start, a secret method that maybe you did not know. You can actually even buy comments or comment likes for a few cents on some so-called private youtube panel, such as TheYouTubeLab

What makes a YouTube comment worth likes?

A YouTube comment is worth a like if it’s made by someone who shares your opinion. Having more likes on YouTube comments means that you have more people who like what the comments said. Maybe they find it funny, or they agree with the comment. Usually is one of the two. Unless is from a famous person, they will like it anyway.

Encourage more engagement with comments and suggestions

When commenting is enabled, viewers can leave comments with the option of adding an emoji or text comment, which encourages engagement with other viewers in a positive light. In addition, users will have the ability to reply to comments made by other commenters to create human interaction with other YouTube users.

Commenting and suggestions are two features that encourage engagement and likes to comments on YouTube. They also help users feel less disengaged and more connected to the videos they watch. In fact, comments provide a way for viewers to share their thoughts and express their opinions on the video content. Comments can also be a great way to get people talking about your!

And suggestions?! Well, suggestions allow users to add topics for you or your channel that can be selected from a drop-down menu of pre-made topics that are relevant to what you’ve posted. Suggestions provide additional ways for potential subscribers interested in one topic or another to find your channel without having to search through channels blindly themselves.

But here some more advice for you…

Start a conversation with subscribers and get more more likes on video

The more likes a video has, the more likely it is that viewers will comment on it. This is because YouTube algorithms will prefer videos with more likes over ones without. Additionally, your subscribers have an easier time leaving a comment when their comment yields a higher number of likes. When they leave a comment and the number of likes increases, it shows YouTube that people are engaging with their content but also with the comments. This makes them feel like they can voice their opinion and get attention from other users who reply and like their comments. By encouraging engagement with your audience, you’ll see better results with your subscriber numbers as well as having more interactions with individual viewers! Also having existing likes and comments will help, and you can rely on a site like theytlab (see above) to do so, quickly.

Show higher popularity to existing subscribers

One strategy that is proven to increase your subscriber count is by having a higher popularity to existing subscribers. This means increasing the number of likes on YouTube comments, but also likes and comments, which in turn encourages more users to subscribe. If you notice that your subscription rate has gone down, try doing some things with your YouTube channel to improve the user experience and get more likes on YouTube comments. Adding features like “reply” or “comment” buttons makes it a lot easier for your users to comment on videos as they get reminded.

If people don’t have see those reminders or requests, they might not feel motivated enough to leave their thoughts on a video and will likely abandon their subscriptions. Another way to increase your popularity with existing subscribers is by using other digital marketing strategies that encourage engagement and make it easy for people to comment. One such strategy is adding tags like “recommend” or “share” alongside the video title that let viewers know what kinds of content they should watch next. This can really help with getting more likes on YouTube comments from existing subscribers!

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