Why Natural Teeth are Better Than Artificial Teeth

Modern technology has enabled a lot of things. Among the many advances are improved dental care techniques. Patients can now have dental implants to replace diseased or damaged teeth. While these artificial teeth can offer life-changing experiences, most dentists try as much as possible to salvage natural teeth. Quality natural teeth may not seem as durable as artificial ones. However, with the right oral hygiene techniques and regular dental visits, they can last a lifetime as nature intended.

Emphasis on Natural Teeth Preservation

With so many dental practices touting the benefits of dentures and other such artificial dental fixtures, it can be tempting to think that these artificial solutions trump having natural teeth. However, any dentist will tell you that preserving your natural teeth should always be the priority. Dental implants should only be a last resort when there’s no other way of saving your natural teeth. Most people assume that artificial teeth are better than natural ones because they have no nerve endings, meaning no chance of experiencing pain and other unpleasant sensations associated with natural teeth when dental diseases set in. Some even go as far as replacing all their natural teeth with artificial ones in a bid to never see the dentist again!

While such reasoning may have some merit, the reality is that your natural teeth are designed to withstand significant physical pressure. Biting and chewing food daily may seem easy but these activities put a lot of stress on the teeth. Natural and healthy teeth can withstand such pressure because teeth are anatomically strong, even stronger than bones.

Advantages of Having Natural Teeth Compared to Artificial Ones

Thanks to modern improvements in dental restorative techniques, dentists can now save your natural teeth in many instances. The following are the reasons why they strive to do so:

1)Natural Teeth Have Periodontal Ligament

With all the excitement surrounding dental implants, it’s easy to forget that they are foreign bodies. As such, they don’t have some of the useful properties of teeth. Among such properties is having the periodontal ligament. These connective tissue bands are there to anchor the tooth to the jawbone. The tooth’s root does not attach directly to the jawbone. The periodontal ligament is there to provide that attachment surface. This comes with several advantages that dental implants don’t have. This periodontal ligament acts as a useful shock absorber, cushioning the effects of hard bites from damaging the tooth and jawbone’s structural integrity. This ligament also has nerve endings that help you to know how hard your bite is. Dental implants don’t have nerve endings. This means that it’s usually hard to gauge the force of your bite. The danger is that you may bite too hard without realizing it, leading to jawbone stress fractures.

2) Easier Cleaning

Both natural teeth and artificial ones are attached at the root of the jawbone. However, this distance is much shorter in natural teeth than in dental implants. The gum surface covering this area tends to be notorious for accumulating harmful bacteria that can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. If not cleaned well, the bacterial buildup can lead to an infection. When you have natural teeth, this cleaning is easier than in those with dental implants.

3) Easier Management of Gum Infections

Having dental implants and contracting gum disease is a serious issue. While having natural teeth doesn’t prevent this problem, it’s easier to handle. Treating gum diseases in individuals with dental implants is very challenging, possibly because of their ridged internal surfaces that provide multiple spots for bacterial accumulation.

4) No Allergic Reactions

While rare, dental implants have been known to cause mild allergic reactions in some individuals. The body flags the dental implant as a foreign body and initiates an immune response towards it. This causes inflammation in the form of swollen and red gums. Natural teeth have no such issues.

5) No Risk of Implant Components Running Out of Stock

Companies that manufacture dental implants are doing so out of commercial interest rather than a moral obligation. If for some reason, they decide to discontinue the production of certain types of implants, this will cause serious problems for individuals who’ve had dental implants manufactured at their facilities. Sometimes, a dental implant manufacturing company can go out of business, meaning that finding replacement parts for individuals with their model of implants becomes almost impossible. This is because dental implants tend to be unique. Of course, someone with natural teeth never has to worry about such things.

All in all, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble and money if you focus on preserving your natural teeth.

Christopher Stern

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