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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Revamp Your Hairstyle

With fashions changing quickly and TikTok and Instagram trends making it simple to find inspiration, it is easy to be tempted by a revamp. If you have been styling your hair the same way for a while and need a boost, a change in style, colour or texture could be just what you need to kickstart a whole new look.

Here are five reasons to update your locks by adopting a fresh style.

To Highlight Your Facial Features

A change of hairstyle can make a real difference to your overall appearance. Adding a fringe can draw attention upwards, meaning if your eyes are you best feature, they will really pop. Short and choppy styles give angular faces even more definition, hence why the elfin look remains a popular choice. As well as a restyle, Bristol hairdressers say a change in colour or tone can be transformative.

To Refresh Your Whole Look

It can be easy to play it safe when it comes to your appearance, but it is a good idea to revamp your hairstyle whenever you update your wardrobe. Use sites such a Pinterest to explore hairstyles and save pictures of your favourites to show your stylist next time you visit a hair salon in Bristol.

To Stay Uniquely You

If following the crowd doesn’t appeal, you might be tempted by a more unique or outrageous cut or colour. Bristol hairdressers are experts when it comes to styles and dyes and will be able to advise you if you are unsure of which option to choose. Not only will you turn heads with an eye-catching cut, but it can work wonders on boosting your self-esteem – when you feel good, you’ll look great and ooze confidence!

To Keep Your Hair in Good Condition

Regular trips to your Bristol salon are the best way to look after your hair and ensure it stays in tiptop condition. Not only can unruly split ends and excess weight be chopped off, but your hairdresser will also be able to recommend treatments and products to keep your hair strong and healthy. Over time, your hair may change due to factors such as humidity, hormonal changes and illness, which is why it is important to consult your hairdresser who will be able to recommend the most suitable course of action.

To Experiment with Colour

The most highly regarded hairdressers in Bristol are experts in colouring hair. Whether you are considering subtle highlights or a complete change, the colour of your hair is a statement to the world. From pastels to bolds and even the sensational rainbow hair, experimenting with colours is a fun way to express yourself. Colour changes don’t need to be forever – unless you love your new look so much you want to keep it long term!

Remember, fashions are supposed to be fun and that includes hair fashion! Be playful and don’t be scared to try something new – it might be the change you need to help you feel your best.

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