Why Should You Buy An SUV For Your Family?

Almost any vehicle with enough seats can serve as a family car, but some are more naturally inclined than others. After all, these cars are going to be packed with kids, groceries, snacks, sports bags, and even the occasional dog. To endure this kind of abuse and still live up to expectations, they need to be durable, reliable, capacious, safe, and comfortable. That’s a tall order, so it seems only natural that a high-riding SUV should fit the bill. 

To get:  These cars stand tall and proud, often exuding a certain rugged style that seems to resonate with buyers in the United States. After all, “big and bold” is the national motto. Thanks to their unique design, SUVs like the Cherry Tiggo 4 Pro are strong, tough, and rigid, earning them high crash test scores as well as superior comfort on the road. If you want to buy the above-mentioned SUV, you can find out Cherry Tiggo 4 Pro Price.

Like a glove, a velvet glove

Though compacts top the sales charts, medium-sized SUVs are very nearly as popular. The best midsize luxury SUVs combine many desirable qualities. You can normally count on a competent turbocharged engine that delivers more than enough performance to easily dispatch annoying traffic lights or merge effortlessly onto the highway. 

But one of the main reasons to shop in a slightly larger size classification is that luxury vehicles are not as practical as their mainstream contemporaries. Where something like a Honda Pilot or Kia Sorento will offer loads of cargo capacity – often more than most families could ever need – a Mercedes-Benz GLE- Class or Audi Q8 will present only mediocre storage options. Most of the space is reserved for passengers, especially those in the rear seats, as comfort is usually more important.

Thus, you need to consider one of these midsize options to even compete with the top-selling compacts like the Toyota RAV4 or Honda HR-V. True, they do cost quite a bit more, but you really get your money’s worth. Luxury vehicles, be they sedans, coupes, or crossovers, are laden with the most advanced features. These include state-of-the-art infotainment systems, loads of comfort features, and desirable driver assists that help them score highly with safety organizations like the NHTSA.

A rose by any other name

It is worth noting that premium SUVs do come with some downsides. Chief among these are high MSRP prices and subpar fuel economy returns. The fact that they almost exclusively rely on premium gasoline doesn’t help to keep costs down. However, advances in propulsion technology have helped to lessen this burden. Some of the top luxury hybrid cars can match or exceed the mpg figures of more economical alternatives, though mainstream hybrids are still far more efficient.

Still, the slightly higher asking price is quickly offset by savings and if you hang onto your purchase for a few years, these compound quite nicely. Most luxury hybrid SUVs are extremely well-built and stand the test of time well. The Lexus RS Hybrid is a great example, inheriting great reliability standards from parent company Toyota. If you prefer a brand with a bit more pedigree, then the Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid is a good option, though the price tag can be daunting.

The next generation of SUVs

It only makes sense that one of the most desirable automotive segments would be among the first to embrace new motoring trends. Foremost among these is EV technology. Aside from offering a green alternative to traditional fossil fuels, electric power can enhance performance to almost unparalleled levels while still boasting the best mileage numbers you’ll find in any classification. 

Best of all, one of the top contenders here is the Cadillac Lyriq, a rather affordable luxury SUV from an established American brand. This is a return to Cadillac’s luxury roots, and a triumphant one at that. The Lyriq gets access to an impressive 500 hp and a respectable 312-mile driving range. It’s towing capacity is a little disappointing for such a large SUV, though, at just 3,500 pounds.

If a more engaging driving experience is more to your liking, then another USA-born SUV might appeal to you. The Ford Mustang Mach-E is the first sports utility vehicle to bear the prestigious Mustang badge, but more than that, it makes a compelling argument that Ford may be aiming at premium automakers. The interior is more upscale than you’ll find in gas-powered Fords, but you still get the long list of standard features and great value that consumers have come to expect from the brand.

An embarrassment of riches

The sheer number of options in the SUV classification is overwhelming, be they mainstream models that prize affordability and practicality or luxury models that boast effortless performance and unparalleled comfort. There are also plenty of hybrids to choose from and the number EVs is growing every day. 

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