Why Truck Accidents Are Worse Than Car Accidents in Henderson

Heavy trucks’ weight makes it more dangerous for them to be on the roads than cars. A truck crash can do more harm than a car crash to passengers. So, in case you run into such accidents and, due to a severe injury, you end up in the hospital. A good Henderson personal injury attorney from Ace Law can help you recover the claims without much hassle. 

Truck accidents can be worse than car accidents for several reasons:

  1. Size and Weight Difference: 

Small trucks and large commercial trucks weigh up to 80,000 pounds or more when fully loaded. When there is a truck and car accident, a truck’s large size goes over to the lower side of the car and causes bad damage to the passengers in the car. 

  1. Higher Ground Clearance:

Many truck seats are positioned higher depending on the height of the truck. Therefore, as compared to cars, trucks are in a higher position from the ground. Hence, if a truck crashes with a car in an accident, there are chances that the truck goes over the car and can do more damage to the passengers in the car.

  1. Long Stopping Duration:

Heavy trucks take a very long time to stop. A loaded truck going 65 mph needs about the length of two football fields to stop fully. This long stopping makes it hard to avoid crashing into things. Plus, the longer stopping distances increase the chances of serious crashes happening because the truck can’t stop in time to avoid obstacles.

  1. Cargo Shifts 

Big trucks usually carry heavy cargo to deliver them to other cities. This heavy cargo can make the truck lose its balance if the brakes are pulled suddenly or the truck has taken sudden turns. Furthermore, the unstable balance can cause the truck to roll over and cause a severe accident on the roads.

  1. Visibility Issues

Trucks have huge blind spots due to their enormous size and structure. These huge blind spots make it hard for truck drivers to see smaller cars or any other small vehicle around them. This increases the risk of crashes because the truck driver may not see a car and accidentally hit it when changing lanes or turning.

  1. More Severe Injuries

With their massive size and weight of thousands of pounds, trucks often cause extremely severe, life-threatening injuries in crashes compared to car accidents. The force of the truck hitting a person is so powerful it can cause traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, crushed or amputated limbs, and other catastrophic injuries that permanently disable or kill.

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