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Why Winter isn’t a Surfing Off-Season Anymore

Winter Surfing at Mission Beach Surf School

What used to be an off-season in the sport of surfing, winter is now becoming a popular time of year to hit the waves. At Mission Beach Surf School, we embrace this seasonal change and offer unique winter surf programs that have been growing in popularity over the years. For those thinking about enrolling in a surf school in San Diego, checking out Mission Beach Surf School, especially during the winter season, can be an exciting prospect.

Winter Surf Culture

Winter has lately become a welcome change of pace at Mission Beach Surf School. Traditionally, the colder, rougher waters would deter all but the most dedicated surfers. Nonetheless, the increasing popularity of winter surfing has contributed to a little shift in some sections of the traditional surfing community. While summer’s large crowds and fair-weather surfers are hardly in sight, hardened wave riders pursue their passion through winter’s unique mix of unpredictable swells and empty line-ups.

Winter Swells at Mission Beach Surf School

The surf school in San Diego is not just an ideal place for seasoned wave riders; beginners and aspiring surfers also find a place at Mission Beach Surf School. We provide guidance and the right gear to make sure that our students have the perfect winter surfing experience. With winter providing more and larger swells, it’s the perfect time to learn wave judgment, which can help give you the confidence to tackle even bigger waves in the next summer season.

Staying Warm in the Waves

In anticipation of the colder water, Mission Beach Surf School provides our surf students’ wetsuits that ensure their comfort and warmth. Our wetsuits are designed with advanced materials that use body heat more efficiently; this, when combined with the increasing warmth of the winter ocean, allows surfers to extend their time on the waves.

Winter Surfing Wrap-Up

Surfing in the winter season, once considered the domain of only the hardiest of surfers, is now a popular pastime thanks to notable advancements in equipment and the availability of professional guidance like the one provided by the school itself. Come winter, Mission Beach Surf School will allow surfers of all levels to enjoy uniquely challenging waves in the surf school in San Diego, often in the solace of empty line-ups. Winter may now also be just the perfect season for you to enter the exciting world of surfing.

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