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Why You Should Choose a Cradle for your Baby

When you welcome your bundle of joy into the world, all you want is to do is to protect and pamper them with love. And what better way to do that than to help them sleep better where they feel safer and more comfortable?

Before birth, your baby’s bed is a cozy fluid inside your womb, which you carry with you everywhere you go. As you walk, jog, dance, or perform any activity, the fluid also moves, soothing your baby to sleep. For 9- months, they get used to this.

At birth, your baby gets into a totally new environment, which can be very unsettling to them. Unfortunately, they have to adapt to it. But that will not happen in a day or two like magic or a miracle. It will take a little bit of time, and, as a parent, you have to be present every step of the way to help them.

That said!

There are several ways to help your baby sleep better and transition into the new atmosphere. One of them is ensuring your baby sleeps in a clean, comfortable, safe, and secure space. That means choosing the right bed for your baby.

The big question is, with so many options available in the market, how will you know to choose the perfect kind of bed for your baby?

In this article, you’ll discover why you should always go for a cradle for your baby when you visit your favorite baby store online.

Read on!

  • What is a Cradle?

A cradle is a bed specifically for babies aged between 0 and 4 months. Most people confuse cradles with bassinets, but these two are different.

Bassinets are, in general, basket-like beds with fixed legs and have no ability to rock or glide. On the other hand, cradles are infant beds designed to provide a gliding or rocking motion.

  • Why Choose a Cradle for your Baby?

There are plenty of reasons why you should pick a cradle over any other kind of bed available in the market:

  1. It is an Extension to the Womb

As stated above, your baby will not just adapt to the new environment in an instant. The process takes time and has to be gradual.

What does that mean?

Even though the baby is in a totally different environment, they do not necessarily have to feel the effects all at once. They need to feel like somehow they are still in the womb for them to sleep better. Lying on a stationary bed with a rigid surface is definitely not the way to go about it.

Your baby enjoys their sleep in a warm and comfortable place that is gently moving. Of course, you can provide all that by holding them in your arms, but for how long can you sustain that? Not for so long. And that is what makes a cradle the perfect solution.

A cradle provides a gliding or rocking motion which may not be exactly as in the womb but good enough to soothe the baby to sleep. It may not recreate all the experiences from the womb, but it is the best extension to the womb you can find, as far as beds are concerned.

  1. You Get to Sleep Better

Your newborn baby is delicate and demanding. They need you for everything. As a parent, you have to be very alert to take care of them in the right way. You cannot afford to have any messes. That is why you need to get enough sleep, at least 8 hours a day.

But how can you achieve that if your baby will not sleep, keeps crying, or keeps waking up? To care for your baby, you have to care for yourself. That means you have to ensure that your baby gets quality sleep for you to do the same. Buying a cradle bed is the best way to achieve all that.

  1. It is Safe for Your Baby

Safety is the number one reason every parent needs to buy a cradle for their baby.

Sudden infant death syndrome, also known as SIDS, is the sudden and unexplained death of a seemingly healthy baby younger than 1 Year. In most cases, SIDS happens when the baby is asleep. When a baby dies from SIDS, the cause of death remains unknown even after investigation and autopsy.

According to research, it is hard to prevent SIDS; but there are several ways to minimize the risk. One of those ways is by providing safe sleep using a safety-approved cradle.

A safety-approved cradle is safe, secure, breathable, hygienic, comfortable, and healthy to sleep on for your baby. It will not only minimize the risk of SIDS but also protect your baby from dangers such as strangulation, suffocation, and choking.

  1. Convenience

Convenience is one of the things everyone looks for when making any purchase.

A cradle is convenient in several ways;

  • It is portable: easy to move from one room to another
  • It is versatile: it comes in different versions to suit multiple purposes
  • It is sturdy: you can use it more than once, Ie., pass it on from one generation to another
  • It is affordable


The first 6 to 12 months of your baby’s life are critical to their growth & development and overall health. During this time, you have to keep them close to you always and attend keenly to their needs.

Some parents may opt to sleep with their baby between them, but this is not advisable. At the very least, this is unsafe and uncomfortable. Buying a cradle is the best option to secure good sleep, comfort, and happiness for your baby.

If your baby is happy, you are too! And that makes a happy family.

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