Why You Should Have Laser Scanning Surveying

There are different processes that need to be followed when designing for construction.  One of the most important things to go through is to collect construction data. This can be categorized into four parts: Operational Data, Financial Data, Estimating Data, and Building Information Modelling (BIM) Data. But for this article, let’s take a deep dive on Building Information Modelling (BIM) Data. Structures, buildings, roads, trains, and bridges can all be modelled using building information modelling (BIM), which is the process of creating and managing 3D, 4D, and 5D information for a construction project across different disciplines. This can be done through laser scanning surveying.

A quick and precise technique to record the detailed change of an established construction or other structure is through a laser scanning survey. The new high laser scanner is used in the 3D laser scanning procedure to collect exact geometric data within and outside of built environments. During the time of the survey, laser scanners also take a photographic record. After the survey, the site data is processed using visualisation and modelling programs to provide a 3D image of the surface that was surveyed. The greatest and safest method of taking measurements that may be utilised in design and construction is scanning because of its high precision, quick speed, and safety.

Laser scanning gives you a lot of benefits in terms of making your data gathering smooth and efficient. Laser scanning uses fewer workers and takes far less time than conventional ways to gather data about existing structures. So, it may shorten the length of your survey. Laser scans’ high resolution enables virtual designers to produce 3D models that identify coordination problems before they become expensive or time-consuming errors. As a result, you can be confident when recognising potential coordination problems. There are just a handful of areas where obstacles still exist with laser scanning, which is constantly improving. This benefits you more because conducting a poll with it has less restrictions. Finally, the design process is noticeably enhanced when all members of a team working on design and construction can digitally share accurate 3D virtual representations of an existing structure.

This technology can be used in any type of construction projects. It can be a civil, residential, or commercial project. These can also be used for scanning large sites. Any project, from industrial structures to tunnels, highways, and rail, can benefit from 3D laser scanning technology to work more quickly, safely, and within budget. It can also be maximized by using it for scanning, complex machinery, pipework, HVAC systems, interiors, and or industrial sites.

If you want to operate the best way possible for your project, look for a service that will provide you with the right experts to execute your laser scanning survey needs. Make sure they can provide or produce surveys with a variety of formats or programs such as: BIM, Tekla Structures, Revit, and ArchiCAD. It’s a big plus as well if they can provide an online viewing platform for ease of access and for you to view your data when you need. This service shouldn’t cost you so much either. Having this surveying should result in reduced risks, and improved safety.

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