Why You Should Rent a Scooter While Being on a Vacation

When you travel to a nearby city or town to meet your relatives, you will most likely have your personal vehicle with you. However, when you travel to a different country or a city that is several miles away from you, you will not have your personal vehicle at your disposal. 

Back in the day, people would face a lot of inconvenience because of not having their personal vehicle around. But now, they have the option of hiring a vehicle through a rental agency. When you wish to rent a vehicle, you will get many options to choose from. While some people prefer hiring a car, many have discovered the convenience of renting a scooter while on a trip or vacation.

Here are 6 reasons why you should rent a scooter while on a vacation:

  • Saving Time

Traveling in a car always turns out to be a time-consuming process. If you have planned your vacation in a city that is known to be crowded at all times, hiring a car would lead you to face a lot of issues. 

When you rent a Vespa in Rome or in any other city you are vacationing in, you can maneuver your way through traffic easily. This will result in you traveling conveniently and saving a great amount of time.

  • Staying Spontaneous

Before you go on a trip or vacation, you must plan everything in a detailed manner. Planning plays a very important role in making your vacation memorable and successful. Having said that, there are occasions being spontaneous helps tremendously. 

If visiting a particular monument or area was not part of your plan but somebody has strongly recommended it, you must give it a shot. Being spontaneous makes traveling all the more fun. To be flexible with your schedule, you need a scooter that can take you to different places as and when you wish.

  • Clicking Pictures

Back in the day, if you did not have a proper camera, you couldn’t take a lot of pictures while on a vacation. However, now everybody has a smartphone and you can take as many pictures as you wish. 

If you are keen on making your vacation memorable by clicking several pictures, you must opt for a scooter rental service. If you hire a car, you will find it very difficult to click pictures while moving around. However, if you are on a scooter, you can stop or take a break anytime and click a variety of pictures.

  • Making Acquaintances 

Meeting new people and interacting with them helps us grow as individuals. Traveling gives you the opportunity to interact with different types of people and expand your horizon. You might not realize this initially but your choice of transport plays a very important role in determining how well you get to interact with people around you.

If you rented your car during your last vacation, then you must hire a scooter for your next trip and see the kind of difference it makes to your social interactions. While riding a scooter, you can ask for directions conveniently, opt for multiple road stops and engage in small talk. You can, therefore, have a lot of social interactions while being on the move. 

  • Feeling Convenient

While traveling in or around a new city, you seek the help of the map on your phone to get directions. Despite using a map, you can find yourself stuck in an unsafe or dangerous area. If you are using a car and accidentally enter a very narrow by lane, you will find it very difficult to get out of it. When you opt for a scooter, you will not have to deal with such issues.

A scooter proves to be a very convenient vehicle for reasons for than one. A car breaking down in the middle of the road is no less than a nightmare. However, when a scooter suffers from a major issue, you will find some help easily. If you are traveling with just a friend, hiring a scooter is definitely a better option than renting a car.


Once you rent a Vespa in Rome, you might never want to hire a car again. The convenience offered by a scooter remains unparalleled. If you are on a vacation and looking for a scooter rental service, you should reach out to BikesBooking. 

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