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Why You Should Use Concentrate Packaging? 8 Surprising Facts

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Concentrates are said to be stronger than the average pre-roll. If you are wondering what concentrates are, these are the potent products that are made from the essence of a cannabis plant. Cannabis concentrates claim to have some benefits. They are legal in some places and so freely available in the market. This industry is also becoming famous and getting a huge share of revenues. The different brands are all competing to stand out in front of one another. They need to provide a good-quality product to people. Apart from this, they should focus on concentrate packaging to attract shoppers towards the product.

Interesting facts about concentrate packaging

Concentrate packaging includes the box that the product is put into to keep it safe. Concentrates include oils, terpenes, tinctures, as well as shatter. The product may be put in a container that is then placed in the box. The box must be made of good quality material to keep the item safe from any harm.

Packaging is even able to market the product when it is designed outstandingly. You should keep the product and consumer base in mind when doing this.

The following are 8 reasons why you should use concentrate boxes:

Make potential consumer base recognize the product

The product is a sensitive one and should allure potential consumers towards it only. Kids must stay away from it. The packaging design should be made in such away.

Find out who the consumer base is and design the boxes accordingly. The product may mostly be brought by those in their late teens and by adults as well. The packaging design should be decent and sophisticated. You can make it look serious. Only when you can allure the potential consumer base towards the product, can sales occur. This is because these are the people who want the item.

Keep concentrating safe

Concentrated packaging can keep the product safe from any harm. This is important if you want the item to arrive in good condition to customers. For this, you will have to make sturdy boxes that can handle the pressures being put on them.

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Some packaging materials you can consider include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. They do not have dangerous chemicals that can go into the concentrate and harm it. The box that will be made will be strong.

Show brand as responsible

When your business chooses to use eco-friendly packaging for concentrates, it will be seen as being responsible. This is because these materials are reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, etc. They will not cause harm to the environment as careless packaging does.

Therefore the brand will be limiting its carbon footprint. Environmentally-conscious consumers will be attracted to the product.

Provide important details about the product

Custom concentrate boxes can provide important information about the item to shoppers. This is needed if you want them to know all about the product and think about buying it. Find out what has to be included on the box according to the law in the area you are in. You should also add those points that help customers decide between buying the concentrate.

For example, you can state what the product is. Tell its ingredients, quantity, weight, how to use and store, warnings, etc. When consumers know the details, they will be more confident in buying the product.

Why your product is special

You can include the special points about the product on the box. Make this obvious as it encourages people to make a purchase. You should not lie here. The product may have some health advantages. State what these are packaging. You can provide scientific evidence for this also so that it is more valid.

If your brand has any sales or discounts, mention these. There may be a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” discount. People must know about it.

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Helps increase brand awareness

Concentrate boxes can increase brand awareness and help the business get an established position in this industry. This is important if you want to get loyal customers.

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To increase brand awareness, the boxes should have a logo. The logo can help shoppers recognize which products are from your brand. The box gets a professional look with this as well. The logo should be memorable and can be noticed.

Allows customers to easily contact you

Concentrate packaging can help consumers contact you if they have any questions or if they want to buy more of your products. You can make this simple by including the brand’s contact details on the box. Add the phone number, email address, website, social media links, physical address of the company.

Allows box to stand out in front of the competition

When custom concentrate boxes are designed attractively, they can be prominent on a store shelf. This can attract people to the product and make them want to try it out. You can choose the right colors, designs, images, etc. here to help you out. When they are drawn towards the product, they will check it out. Choose colors carefully because color psychology is real and has an influence on the way that people feel.

Concentrate packaging is helpful to use when you design the boxes correctly. The boxes have many purposes that help the brand out. They can keep the product safe from any harm. When designed in an attractive way they can market the brand in a store. You can let your brand be known by including a logo on the packaging. Also, include your company’s contact details so that customers do not find it tough to get a hold of you. Have a look at packaging trends if you want to get some idea of what the competition is doing.

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