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Widen Your Horizons with Starbucks Drinks You Haven’t Had Before

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Having a go-to Starbucks drink is normal, but you should live a little and try something new every now and then. Here are some delightful Starbucks drinks that you may also like as well.

Have you ever tried counting how many available drinks there are in the Starbucks menu? A quick look at PriceListo (which gives you a simple page for all available menu items, along with the price) gives you an idea of what you’re in for.
You do the counting if you want. It tires us out to even think about it. When you consider that you can also customize many of these drinks, you actually end up with more choices than you know what to deal with. There are even “secret” drinks that aren’t listed on the menu at all!
While it’s common to have a default Starbucks choice of drink to avoid dealing with all these choices, why not have fun and actually try something new?
You can always close your eyes and blindly use a finger to pick an item from the menu if you want. But to help you make sense of all these new options, here are some recommended Starbucks drinks you may not have had before.

Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Espresso

This is a new drink that came out in March 2021, and not all that many people have tried it yet. They make it with their blonde espresso, shaking that with cocoa and a bit of malt. Then they top it all off with ice and almond milk.
Now, if you already love the Cold Brew with Dark Cocoa Almond Foam (and you should try that too if you haven’t already), then you will love this one.

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Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso

Starbucks tries to get on the healthy bandwagon with their offer of Oatly oat milk as an alternative to regular cow’s milk. A healthy drink can actually taste fabulous, and this is prime evidence of that fact. The barista shakes together such ingredients as their blonde espresso, cinnamon, and brown sugar, then tops off the result with ice and oat milk.
There’s plenty of caffeine here to help you wake up. What’s more, it’s a nice combo of sweetness, richness, and spiciness. An increasing number of folks are touting this on TikTok, but don’t let that stop you from trying it.

Chickpea Bites & Avocado Protein Box

When you want your Starbucks drink to help fill you up, try this snack that looks like a drink. As the name says, this comes with chickpea bites and some avocado spread. You also get a dried cranberry, some mini carrots, and snap peas.

Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew

The year 2015 was when Starbucks went a bit crazy by offering lots od different variants for their cold brew. Not all of them lasted long, but somehow this one is still standing.
This starts with the Starbucks Cold Brew, with some vanilla syrup added for a bit of light sweetening. It’s then topped with cascara cold foam and a bit of cascara topping. You’ll taste the maple and the brown sugar, but they won’t overpower the smooth coffee flavor you’re looking for from the cold brew.
There are a few other variations of this, such as the Cold Foam Blonde Iced Cappuccino and as a Cold Foam Cascara Nitro Cold Brew. They all have that cold foam, which is what Starbucks calls their cold and frothed nonfat milk after they’ve blended it to the smooth consistency of a cloud.

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Yes, it’s just one word for the name, so it ought to be easy to order. What makes it an easier choice for you to make is that it comes with an extra shot of rich espresso. It has creamy whole milk and just a bit of mocha.
Basically, you get to enjoy the taste of that bittersweet mocha while you’re energized by the espresso shots. The 155 mg of caffeine isn’t bad at all, so it works as your morning coffee.

Final Words

It’s surprising that Starbucks continues to offer so many choices. It’s a well-established fact that having too many options can led to such a thing as a choice paradox. This is when a consumer is faced with too many choices, and they end up not making any choice at all. This should lead to lower sales, but somehow it hasn’t damaged the popularity of the Starbucks brand.
Perhaps it’s because the plethora of choices is what attracts many people to Starbucks in the first place. If that’s the case, then you ought to take advantage of this wide range of options and try as many as you can. While your favorites will always have their place in your heart, you can always squeeze in a new favorite drink!

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