Wigs And Massagers Review

LICATEAT Lace Front Wigs for Black Women

Perhaps you put on a wig daily to cover a temporary or permanent hair loss, maybe from treatment or some medical conditions. Maybe you also need to put on a wig to change your current hairstyle or as part of a costume. In either case, getting the best wig to suit your needs can be difficult. The market is filled with wigs of every kind, which range from inexpensive Halloween-style costume wigs to stylish wigs to suit a formal occasion. Moreover, there are several decisions that you require to make apart from just color and hairstyle. That is, what hair type should your wig have? What’s its cost? What is the cap type? Etc.

What To Consider When Buying Wigs

  • Size

Before purchasing any wig, you will require to have some measurements. Different wigs come in different sizes, although an average-size wig fits several people. The most significant measurement is your head’s circumference. To get the measurement, circle a tape across your forehead center, above your ears, and around your skull’s base. It’s also significant to measure your head from front to back.

  • Cap

This is the base where the synthetic or natural hair is attached. The wig caps are made from mesh, lace, or a mixture. A suitable wig cap should fit snugly over the wearer’s head to make the wig comfortable and in place. Numerous wig cap styles are available, including basic cap, lace-front cap, monofilament cap, and hand-tied cap.

  • Hair Kind

There are three types of hair utilized in making wigs. They include human hair, heat-resistant synthetic hair, and synthetic hair.

  • Color, Texture, and Style

Wigs come in different hair colors, textures, and styles, depending on your preference. They include black, blonde, brunette, red and playful hues, including green and blue. Moreover,  they are also available for curly hair, wavy hair, and straight hair.

LICATEAT Lace Front Wigs for Black Women

LICATEAT Lace Front Wigs feature long loose curly wave lace and heat resistance. Moreover, this wig is available in black, making it suitable for black women, and 26″ long. The style of this wig is inspired by people who need to wear a beautiful curly and long wig but are unable because of the super-hot summer weather, hence knitted at the top. LICATEAT has a wide pre-braided lace section and an ear-to-ear deep curly lace front wig. This wig offers the illusion that you must spend 5 to 6 hours braiding your natural hair. Moreover, the wig features a natural edge with baby hair’s seamless hairline changing natural appearance, which makes it a perfect wig for wig enthusiasts and even beginners.

LICATEAT Wigs faux hair is more like human hair, very smooth and soft to the touch. In addition, this bionic wig can withstand heat up to 160 degrees Celsius. Moreover, this wig uses medium cent curly modeling, the baby hair, the natural hairline, and the hair density is 150%. Its inner net features two elastic bands and three fixed hairpins, making it convenient plus comfortable to wear.

This wig is suitable for everyday use on shows, weddings, masquerades, video shoots, and vacations. Its transparent forehead lace offers a natural, realistic look and features a breathable plus comfortable inner mesh. These synthetic wigs don’t fall off and don’t tangle. With the help of its in-built four clips, it can be well fixed at the head. The wig features an adjustable elastic circumference from 22 inches to 22.5 inches.


  • Do not fall off
  • Full plus thick hair
  • Features four in-built clips
  • Do not tangle
  • Adjustable elastic
  • Transparent forehead lace

Everfun Rechargeable Personal Massager Review

Several people have decided to include the best portable massager in their daily routines. In our everyday activities, you are more likely to experience some kind of muscle pain. With a portable massager, you can ease the pain and continue your everyday routine. With a handheld massager, you can carry it anywhere, including to the office or the gym. Moreover, handheld massagers are suitable for use in any part of the body.

Benefits gained from a massager include improved sleep, easing pain, relieving anxiety and stress, promoting blood circulation, and rejuvenation of your skin.

Portable Massager Buying Guide

  • Type

Handheld massager offers different massaging techniques. The most common massaging technique includes vibration, tapping, and kneading.

  • Portability

The portability of a massager is determined by its power source. There are several handheld massagers which come with a fixed power cable. You need to plug it into an outlet to use it. Therefore, they aren’t as portable as you may need them. Battery-operated massagers can be used at any time and place, although you will have limited runtime.

  • Adjustable Intensity and Speed

You should check the intensity and speed settings when selecting the best handheld massager to see if it suits your requirements and preferences. The devices that don’t have variable speed settings are less versatile and often uncomfortable.

  • Massage Heads

Massagers’ heads are made to suit various body areas to carry out specific tasks. Choose products with several massage heads because not all body areas are the same. Models with narrow attachment heads are suitable for use on your lower leg and under the arm area. Those with wide heads are suitable for use at your back, hips, etc.

  • Custom Massage Features

Depending on the model, a massager will offer either one or numerous varieties of massage therapies. Some models offer percussion massages, and others mix vibration with percussion.

Everfun Rechargeable Personal Massager

Despite being one of the most budget-friendly choice available in the market, it’s a model that’s worth your consideration. This portable massager is powered by a fast charging 1800 mAh lithium battery that’s long-lasting. Moreover, the rechargeable massager can offer a strong power of more than two hours of continuous runtime with a full charge. It takes about three hours to recharge fully with any 5V USB port.

This rechargeable massager is cordless with a compact and lightweight design, making it travel-friendly. In addition, the Everfun personal massager comes with an advanced turbocharged motor that’s very powerful and operates quietly. Therefore, you can use this mini massager at any time and any place, minus worrying about loud noises. The massager delivers eight speeds and twenty massage modes which help relieve every muscle pain perfectly.

Everfun Rechargeable Personal Massager is simple to use and offers deep relief for tight and painful muscles. The product is made with a high-grade silicone material that is smoother and softer than ever and waterproof.


  • Features 8 speeds plus 20 patterns
  • Operates quietly
  • USB rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Extra smooth
  • Long battery life

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