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Wikipedia Your Connection Is Not Private How to fix the SPDY Wikipedia Issue?

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Read this article to learn more about Wikipedia’s “Your Connection is Public and its possible solution.

Are you looking in search of information over the Internet? Are you a fan of information that is free and do you use Wikipedia frequently for details? Are you using Google Chrome and have come to a new issue? Check out this article to find out about the issue that has been affecting Google Chrome and its probable solution.

The issue was first noticed from the United States. While browsing Wikipedia using Google Chrome, users found Wikipedia Your Connection is Not Private and this caused the InternetInternet to a tumultuous state.

When does the Privacy message appear?

The privacy-related warning is displayed whenever the link to the site that you’re trying to visit cannot be secured. This error is also known to be the SPDY error. SPDY is a security protocol used created by Google to safeguard its users. SPDY requires Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) to function.

Many web surfers experience this issue on websites using the Transmission Control Protocol or TCP.

What is the reason it says Wikipedia Your Connection is Not Private?

As mentioned earlier as stated earlier, the SPDY protocol employs particular security servers, or code to ensure that the connection to the site is secured. There are a few well-known websites such as Reddit and Wikipedia that use the TCP protocol.

It is true that the SPDY security protocol is able to recognize it as a TCP protocol, however for an unknown reason, it typically indicates it is a sign that the site isn’t secure and it is an SPDY error.

Similar to what happened on Wikipedia recenty, and users who haven’t experienced this kind of error trying to access a renowned website were left confused.

Wikipedia Your Connection isn’t Private What have you experienced recently?

Many people, as well as regular users of Wikipedia in Wikipedia in the United States were confronted by the problem of the connection to privacy, or technically known as the SPDY Wikipedia problem. Users were trying to connect to Wikipedia through Google Chrome Browser but were not capable of doing so.

The topic has raised some tough questions in various discussion forums. Certain users have displayed the privacy warning message while trying to connect to computers and mobile phones however, the error remained.

Based on the findings of our study, this issue can be addressed in different ways.

How to fix the SPDY Wikipedia Issue?

If you see that the warning message Wikipedia: Your Connectivity Isn’t Private persists The following steps could be used to resolve the issue, if the issue persists when you are using Google Chrome.

  • The first step is to start by updating your browser. If you’re using an older version of Google Chrome, this issue could occur even on secured websites.
  • Then, you can flush all old SPDY sockets out of in the Google Chrome Browser by accessing this URL from your browser. (chrome://net-internals/#events&q=type:SPDY_SESSION%20is:active).
  • The next step is to clean all of your Cookies, Cache, and Temporary Files that your browser has access to.


In the end, we can affirm this message Wikipedia: Your Internet Connection is Not Privatecan display regardless of whether you use the most recent web browser, or secured connection. This is due to the fact that Wikipedia’s security protocol Wikipedia isn’t SSL nor TLS protocols, but rather the TCP protocol which is the primary protocol for SPDY security.

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