Wild Woodworking: Have Your Furniture Looking its Best

We all have that heirloom passed down for generations that feel like family, and we cannot bring ourselves to get rid of it—no matter how worn out and outdated it looks.

So, what do you do with it?

Wild Woodworking has the perfect solution for you.

They are pros in furniture repairs and restoration with decades of experience. And they will have your antique looking like it just stepped out of a 1900s showroom.

Wild Woodworking is led by a father and son team who have built a reputation of excellence in their work and has grown their clientele mostly through referrals.

This dedicated team of perfectionists has improved homes and businesses in the Lower Mainland and around Vancouver since 1994. Their passion is to see the appearance of furniture, cabinets, floors, and anything wooden transformed into a work of art.

Why Should You Repair Your Old Furniture?

The cost involved is the first reason you should repair your old furniture instead of replacing it. 

Replacing a piece of furniture does not come cheap, especially with the quality that comes with antiques. You might end up spending more on a piece of lower quality.

Furthermore, restoring your old furniture to its former glory increases its value if you ever consider selling it. Antiques can be very expensive especially if they are unique and rare. 

The secret is to have an experienced professional do the restoration; a bad job can destroy the value of your furniture.

Another reason you should repair your old furniture is the sentimental value it carries. Why should you be the one who breaks the tradition of passing it down to the next generation?

 You might also be attached to it and the memories it carries. Restoration will preserve it and add more years to that heirloom.

Repairing old furniture instead of replacing it also preserves the environment by reducing waste and lowering your carbon footprint.

How Wild Woodworking Can Help

Wild Woodworking are experts in restoring and reconditioning furniture. They have the tools and materials to repair any structural damage and the touch-up necessary to enhance the appearance of your piece.

They can restore the appearance of anything and customize it to meet your needs. 

Maybe your kitchen cabinets are too old and outdated? They can update your kitchen with a brand-new and modern style without the cost of replacing all your cabinets.

You also don’t have to shop for quick fixes for those scratch and burn marks on your wooden table, Wild Woodworking can get rid of them easily and effectively.

They have experience repairing vinyl, recovering chairs and adding new foam. They are also pros at repairing and maintaining leather.

Some of the services they offer:

  • Custom finishing
  • Leather and Vinyl repair and redye
  • Cabinetry refacing
  • Custom woodworking
  • Small upholstery projects
  • Furniture repair and restoration

If you’re ready to have your furniture look its best then Wild Woodworking will make it happen.

Check the before and after photos of the projects they have worked on and contact them for a professional opinion on your furniture.

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