Will When The Aliens Land Will the Aliens Ever Land on Earth?

Are you curious to find out more about the famous self-proclaimed psychic’s statements? Want to find out more about the other claims that he makes in support of the popular statement? You can read the entire article to find out more about his claims concerning aliens entering the earth.

People in the United States were shocked to hear about the threat of alien invasion. His findings are trending across major social media platforms.

Let’s look at Will When Aliens Land ? and get more information about this topic.

Alien Earth Landing

Uri Geller, a celebrity known for his brilliance and brainpower, is back on the hot list with his claim that aliens will be landing on Earth within the next five years. Uri said that the aliens would be landing on earth within the next five year.

Uri also claims that the aliens performed their actions with his psychic powers. Uri also claims that advanced lasers enabled the aliens to open a door onto the red planet.

Will the Aliens Ever Land on Earth?

  • Uri claims that the psychic powers of the aliens showed Uri the activities.
  • His claims are that aliens have been monitoring human activity for a very long time.
  • Uri said that he could view these activities using remote viewing.
  • Apart from this, he claimed that his mind travels through space and time to witness the actions of aliens.
  • Uri also mentioned that strange activities are occurring in space. Uri finds NASA’s data that rejects the alien attack to be alarming.

Who are Uri Geller and

  • A popular question that arose from Uri Geller’s recent statement,’Will When Aliens Land?’
  • Uri Geller is an illusionist and performer. He is also a self-proclaimed psychic and is known for his spoon-bending performances on T.V. shows.
  • Geller was born in Tel Aviv on 20th December 1946.
  • For more than forty years, he was an entertainer. He has appeared on numerous television shows around the globe.
  • Geller claimed that he used his psychic ability to help Reading F.C. to avoid relegation in 2002.

Uri Geller has more Claims

  • Geller also claimed that he witnessed aliens on Mars. You can read more about When Will the Aliens land?
  • Geller also believes that aliens will eventually make it to Earth and live here in the next 5-25 years.
  • Geller rejects any possibility of an alien invasion, as he believes the aliens would like to form friendships with humans and live peacefully here.

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Media attention continued to be paid to Uri Geller’s paranormal claims and statements. The acceptance of statements relating to extraterrestrials was huge.

Are you familiar with Will The Aliens Land? Let us know your thoughts on the subject below.

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