Willing to detox lungs from smoking? Here are some best and easy ways

Smoking has many consequences, like asthma and lung cancer. Even if you don’t smoke, second-hand smoke and other daily pollutants can lead to weak lungs. If you smoke, your pink lungs become black due to tar deposits, leading to multiple health issues. But thankfully, you have decided to stop smoking, and now it is time to take care of your lungs. After quitting smoking, it is necessary to detox your lungs to ensure they heal. Without healing, the lungs can degrade and affect other organs too. So, how can you heal your lungs by detoxing them? With a few tips mentioned below.

 Tip 1: Take your prescription nicotine as prescribed

Your doctor must have given you a few pointers to quit smoking and not relapse. For instance, nicotine patches, prescription nicotine e-cigarettes, and more. If yes, follow them until the doctor says otherwise. It helps you resist the urge to smoke and helps your body cope without smoke. Choose your prescription medication, nicotine, and other products from  with the best deals. Attend smoking cessation meetings as well, as it holds you accountable and makes you less likely to give up. Once you ensure you are following these practices, lung detoxification can begin. Remember, after quitting, your lungs begin to self-clean. But you can follow the steps to provide support for your lungs.

Tip 2: Steam therapy

Lungs have a lot of mucus due to smoking and other secondary causes. You must expel this mucus after quitting smoking for your lungs to heal properly. Steam therapy or inhalation can help loosen mucus as it requires you to inhale water vapor and open the airways. It can also help people with lung conditions who experience aggravated issues during the cold and flu season.

Tip 3: Start eating lung-cleansing fruits, nuts, vegetables, and more

Yes, there are multiple food items that you should include in your diet to support your lungs. Increase their intake after quitting smoking to aid in lung healing. Plantain leaf, pistachios, and cayenne peppers are examples of natural lung cleansers. They are easy to include in your daily diet in multiple ways. These foods promote healthy lung function as they are rich in Vitamin E, reducing the chances of lung cancer. Moreover, cayenne pepper is good for loosening mucus, which a smoker’s lung has in abundance.

Tip 4: Avoid pollutants.

Your lungs are weak from all the smoking. Thus, they cannot filter the air, and you inhale everything. Therefore, avoiding pollutants like second-hand smoke from vehicles, other smokers, and more is necessary. Lastly, if the app shows a day has worse air quality, stay inside as much as possible or wear a mask if you step outside.

Tip 5: Start saying yes to warm liquids

Warm liquids do the same thing for your lungs as steam therapy does. It thins the mucus, making it easier to spit out through coughing. So, start drinking warm water a few times a day. Also, try warm herbal tea, which has anti-inflammatory properties and can do the same. The goal here is to stay hydrated with warm beverages; water is best if you do not like tea, but try and drink one warm beverage like soup or matcha a day.

Tip 6: Add anti-inflammatory foods to your diet

Due to smoking, your lungs become inflamed, making it challenging to breathe. Therefore, add anti-inflammatory foods to your diet to help curb inflammation naturally. These foods include cherries, spinach, blueberries, almonds, kale, and olives. They are also nutrient-dense foods, which can help your body stay healthy.

Tip 7: Meditate and workout

Yoga and meditation can help your lungs detox after years of smoking. It can reduce stress and help you stay active, leading to better health. Meditation and pranayama have benefits for overall health, including your lungs. Specific yoga and meditation can help a lot.

After that last puff, your lungs will thank you for quitting smoking. They’ll start to self-heal, which is a time-consuming process. However, not smoking anymore and following the above tips gives your lungs a fighting chance and allows them to self-clean, decreasing multiple diseases, like heart disease, lung cancer, and more.

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