Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Reddit About the woman on Viral Video

Are you disturbed over a viral video of a workout which went wrong, resulting in a fatal accident? If yes, this article provides a detailed explanation of the tragic incident that led to the video.

Many people in CanadaUnited StatesUnited Kingdomand Australiaare stunned by the clip as increasing numbers of people began exercising recently to build a strong body.

The shocking incident in the gym shakes the viewers because it was heartbreaking and sad. Learn further regarding the Woman Who Dies Smith Machine Squat on Reddit.

about the Gym Accident

A fitness video went viral in February 2022. the clip is duration of just a minute. In it, a woman is observed lifting weights, and then collapsed during the process.

The video was shot at the Mexican gym in which a young mother tried to perform squats using massive weights on the Smith machine. However, she failed to raise the burden, which resulted in her death.

The video was shared on Redditt by one of the users who claims a woman tried to lift weights of 180kg. Learn more about Smith the Machine Squat accident.

About Redditt Viral Video

  • A Redditt user shared an image with a title that talks about a woman’s attempt to pull 180kg.
  • The video was uploaded on February 23, 2022 and its length was only the 58 second.
  • The video became viral on 12 March 2022 and was shared on different online social networks.
  • A huge number of viewers watched the video and the post on Redditt was received a flood of comments about the incident.
  • In the video, you can also see the members at fitness centers trying to help her as well as comfort her anxious daughter.

Woman Is Smith Machine Squat Reddit

  • The viral video features the woman lifting 180kgs, or 405 pounds.
  • The woman went into the fitness center with her toddler daughter. She sat down on the bench that was equipped with the deadweight of 180kgs.
  • The woman attempted to lift the weight but was unable to manage the weight and the deadweight fell on her neck in just a few minutes.
  • The video of the accident clearly shows that the woman was not experienced enough to lift these heavy weights.

About the woman on Viral Video

  • She is a young mom and daughter who is also on the video. Find out more on the Woman Died Smith Machine Squat Reddit
  • According to various accounts, the incident took place in an Mexican gym , and the female is believed to be an Mexican citizen.
  • In the viral clip, the woman went to in the fitness center with her young daughter after which they engaged in a couple of talks before she started lifting weights.
  • The efforts to save her were unsuccessful.


The squat injury that occurred in the Mexican gym is a nightmare. As an educated human being exercising, it is important to follow the rules with the right knowledge and guidance by a trained professional in order to avoid the dreadful situations.

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