Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Video What went wrong with Smith Machine Squat? Death Video Reddit

A young mother of around 40 years old died after a crash when she was lifting weights in an exercise facility. The video was first uploaded to Reddit on the Reddit website on February 24, 2022 by a user named @u/LearnShiit. The @u/LearnShiit is part of the – @r/CrazyFuckingVideos community, which is moderated by a bot and viewed by millions in the United StatesCanada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

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Video description

The Reddit post revealed that the woman as well as her daughter were brand new to gyms and had little prior experience lifting weights on the Smith Machine. The mother tried to lift 405 pounds. She was capable of lifting it initially however, while trying to reach the bench but she was unable to lift it and fell onto the bench.

The weight lifting bar smashed her neck, leading to immediate death. It took three people to remove the burden off her neck. The mother was killed in the moment, and her daughter watched the entire Incident and was in stupor.

What went wrong with Smith Machine Squat? Death Video Reddit :

  1. The mother wasn’t bodybuilder. She should have begun training under the supervision of.
  2. For a body like this that weighs 405 pounds, lifting 405lbs (or) about 185 kgs is not recommended.
  3. The mother could have lifted less weight.
  4. There was no instructor present at the time the mother lifted the weight.
  5. The mother was not wearing any belts for safety that were normally placed on her stomach.

The mother was not sitting in the proper position and length. If the mother had assumed the correct posture and the weight-lifting bar would have been able to land on safety stops , which could have prevented incident Woman’s Smith Machine Squat Video YouTubeincident and effectively protected her head and neck.

The video about the death of women while lifting weight on the Smith Machine became a sensation as more than 594K members are subscribed to the – @r/CrazyFuckingVideos community. The name of the gym and the address of the facility are not disclosed.

Reddit permits videos to be downloaded directly as a general rule. The video was soon posted via Twitter as well as another Reddit user, @u/StillbornTartare posted the video on March 9th, 2022.

The first video shared in February garnered 519 comments as well as the Woman is Smith Machine Squat Video posted in March garnered 613 comments and both videos received 4.4K votes. The majority of comments posted on this post pertaining to condolence and sympathy.


The identity of the gym, those who run the gym as well as the mother as well as the daughter, are not clear. The only information available regarding the person who was killed is that it came originally from Mexico. Date of incident is not known.

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