In Arizona, workers’ compensation insurance is vital for reimbursing workers injured in the line of work at the company. Employers with more than one full-time or part-time employee must pay a premium workers’ compensation insurance. Here are some common concerns regarding workers’ compensation in Arizona explained.

How long do I have to submit a claim?

This question is frequently raised when someone is hurt at work. People have heard or even seen on the Internet that you can have up to a year; others believe they have a lot of time. Not always.

The maximum amount of time is one year, but other regulations call for “forthwith reporting,” which means “you best do it soon.” You don’t want to delay until the end of the year and say, “Well, let’s just see what happens,” for fear that the insurance provider will say, “Oh no, you could have reported this way.” Reaching out to a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible is advisable to get the best advice for your case.

Can I qualify for workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability benefits?

So, what happens if you permanently cannot return to work following work-related injuries? Are you entitled to disability retirement benefits through your company? Yes, but it’s a complicated case. You should call a workers comp attorney and discuss your particular circumstances if you are already receiving one or the other.

Social Security Disability may typically be able to offset your workers’ compensation benefits. There are ways to organize things such that your advantages can be increased, maintained, or more likely to work in your favor. Seek legal advice if you’ve been out of work for more than a year and may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

What happens if you have a pre-existing medical condition before the work accident?

You are entitled to workers’ compensation payments to help with the expense of your medical care and to partially replace your lost income if you get hurt on the job or contract an occupational sickness. However, what about existing ailments?

The usual rule is that only illnesses and injuries due to work-related activities are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. However, a victim may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if they already have a pre-existing condition made worse by work-related activities.

When awarding compensation, employers should not distinguish between physically fit workers and those with a deficit that renders them more prone to long-term injuries from a work accident or other incident.

Should I still get in touch with a lawyer if I don’t miss any time at work?

Yes, you should. But you might think I have not taken time off from work, and my treatment is ongoing. Everything seems in order. Why, in that circumstance, would I need to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer? Even if you are receiving medical or financial benefits, a workers’ compensation attorney may check to ensure you get the appropriate benefits. Surprisingly you may benefit from additional benefits.

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