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Xbcdc Reviews Is Xbcdc Legit?

You might be interested in different types sheds. These types of sheds can be purchased online at XBCDC.COM. The virtual store, XBCDC.COM sells this type of shed.

These products are purchased by many buyers from the United States.

So we decided to get some basic information and data on this online shop. Customers will have accurate information about the online store. By doing Xbcdc Review, we can get the best idea about this store through our research and discussions.

What are you familiar with the website?

We have uncovered a wealth of information which will help you describe your store. Virtual stores sell many shed products.

These products include: plastic bike sheds, polycarbonate storage sheds, plastic tool sheds, storage sheds for customers.

Our research shows that buyers should register first to get all the services offered by the website. Registering with the website is also necessary for new customers to access the phenomena information.

We should look at these registration protocols to find the data: Is Legit ?

The Basic Data of the Website

Our research uncovered a lot of information about the virtual store. Let’s look at all the details.

  • Domain Registration 15/03/2021.
  • URL –
  • Address- This is the address at Riverside, CA 92501.
  • Communication Information: It is necessary to provide an email id.
  • Items: Sheds for storage, Bikeshed, Garbage shed, sheds for tools etc.
  • Return Policy – We offer a 14 day return policy.
  • Refund Policy There are no refund days. However, they do offer standard refunds.
  • Shipping Methods: The website offers a 5-7-day delivery policy for domestic customers. Xbcdc Review says the international buyers will receive their products in 1-2 week.
  • Shipping Charges: For orders below 69.99 USD, shipping costs will be 34 USD
  • Paying Policy JCB, Visa and Discover.
  • Social media Availability: The website does not display any social media icons.

Reasons to Buy from the Shop

There are many reasons to shop at the store.

  1. The virtual shop is offering a 10% discount to the top 10 customers.
  2. The website offers customers shipping, refund, and return policies.
  3. The Xbcdc website has information about shed products.

The cons of buying from the website

However, there are many reasons one might not buy from the store.

  1. The website requests shipping costs.
  2. Customers are responsible to pay shipping and other costs.
  3. The product prices are high.
  4. The website does not accurately publish contact information. The website doesn’t provide any contact information for customers.
  5. Surprisingly, there is no customer feedback.

Is Xbcdc Legit?

  • Domain creation: Website was launched on March 15, 2021. This website is very new.
  • Trust Score: Based on extensive research, the website’s trust score was just 1 percent. That is very low.
  • HTTPS protocol: The most interesting part of our analysis is that we found the HTTPS protocols. The website is technically not secured.
  • Alexa Ranking Research has shown that the Alexa rank is 7379174.
  • Founder’s information There is no founder(s), data on this website.
  • Social media preference: Our experts have not found any social media link or page on the site.
  • Policy: website policy is not user-friendly.

Xbcdc – Customer’s Comments

It is interesting to note that we didn’t find any customer feedback about the website. Many buyers complained that they received counterfeit products after extensive research.

We investigate why customers can’t find solutions for refund, return or exchange issues. Many complain that they don’t get refunds.


The conclusion section reveals that we have conducted extensive research about the website. After proper validation and evaluation of the website, we can say that the Xbcdc indicate many problems.

Our research also revealed that the website has many suspicious sections. We recommend you stop buying from it for the moment.

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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