Yakuza 7: Tips to Improve your Overall Game

To excel in any game, you need to have relevant skills, as they help you to get out of tricky situations and unlock new dimensions of the game. While most of the skills are for winning the combats, but certainly there are plenty of other skills as well which aren’t just related to winning battles and you can do a lot more with them. These skills help you to create a roadmap for your future game, and keeps you safe from uncertainties.

Talking about Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon has some pretty major differences from previous seasons of the game. There are new characters, fresh map, exciting battles and a brand-new story. So, in order to play like a pro in the game, skills are all you need, as without skills you won’t be able to explore the new updates of the game. Even the most horned players may feel that they need a guide, because the tricky situations are unpredictable. So, here we have listed some essential tips that will help you to excel in the game, and you will surely become a great hero that ever-graced YoKohama.

  1. Skills are more than just fighting battle– 

Having skills of playing any game is a great thing but skills aren’t just for fighting battles, as there are certain set of skills that are useful outside the combat. One of the very special skills that you can find in Yakuza 7 is Nanba’s healing powder; this skill isn’t for fighting battles rather it allows you to heal the members of your party which serves as a great help in the game. Many games you see are more about battles and violence and you tend to lose your players in battles while moving ahead in the game, but how great it would be to heal your members and get them playing again. Thus, all you need to do is pause the game and go to skills, choose Nanba’s healing spell and choose the member you want to heal. With this simple method you won’t have to wait for multiple allies in the game. Moreover, this is very helpful if you are out of options and surrounded by gang of enemies in such case you get to form your allies that play in your favor, this keeps you moving in the game. 

  1. Developing Ichiban’s character to access new features
Ichiban Kasuga Is The Only Man Who Could Have Possibly Lived Up To Kazuma  Kiryu

The character development of Ichiban in the game is slow, as when you will start to play the game you won’t find anything remarkable about it, but as you will move forward you will notice that Ichiban has an important role to play in the game. While many features of the game like location, NPCs or romance options are unlocked when you have a right personality to strike up the conversation, and Ichiban is the person you need. Opening a new location means you have cleared a milestone, you will explore many minigames, money rewards, and the most exciting of all is Yakuza 7 romance. Thus, in order to improve Ichiban’s personality all you need to do is go through the vocational exams, magazines and complete game quests with good scores.

  1. Form a bond with allies– 

Allies lift up your power in the game, as in order to win you need people, you can’t fight every battle alone. For this it is necessary to develop a friendly bond with your allies. Hence, try to chat with them whenever you can, bonds can be deepened with allies by fighting together in combats, having meals together and forming strategies for the game. This is similar to what you do in real life, the more you interact the more you get to know others ideologies. Thus, approach your companions and know them better like Ichiban and his new friends does in Yakuza 7. Doing this will raise your exponential powers and you will get a strong team at your side.

  1. Flight do not fight– 
Recognise Your Fight or Flight (or Freeze) Responses

Sometimes, it’s better to run away from battles than fighting as situations can’t be in your favor every time. Perhaps, you have lost your allies and gone into an area which is horrifying and you are surrounded with lot of enemies. In such cases, fighting is inappropriate you will simply risk your life. Thus, choose to escape from such situations until you have a strong team playing at your side. Moreover, escaping has some real benefits as well, when you escape from a combat your enemies are cleared for a while and you get time to study the map and locate your strategies accordingly. However, you get a really short span to do this, but doing this for multiple times will help you to get around most of Ijinchos without getting into trouble.

  1. Use ATMs to avoid losing money– 

The worst thing about any game is losing a battle. However, in Yakuza 7 losing comes with a cost, you don’t lose all your belongings but you surely lose half of your money if you fail in the battle. And losing half of your money is actually a big deal which will cost you in your future game. So, if you want to keep your money safe, then there is a place to keep it secure. The ATMs in Yakuza 7 gives you chance to deposit your money at the earliest if you lose the battle, in this way you don’t lose your single money and it is safe. Thankfully, Yakuza 7 has enough of ATMs in the city so you don’t have to struggle much to find a secure place for your money.


These set of skills aren’t just skills; they are key to unlock whole new adventure in Yakuza 7. These skills don’t teach you or guide you to win the battles but they actually pay emphasis on improving your overall game. Winning battles in any game is not enough, there is a lot to do in order to become a real pro of the game. Thus, having hangs of smart skills lets you to set a whole new roadmap for your success in the game. Moreover, the character development in the game is result of your skills, having sharp skills always gives you an edge in your character.

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