Yamaha Motorcycles, What Are Good?

Choosing the right motorcycle is not easy. You need to understand what is the optimal seat height for you, what wheelbase should be, how much power you need, etc. First you will need to choose the type of motorcycle. And all these choices can make you nervous, because you can spend weeks and months just sorting through all the bikes, trying to choose the best one.

Here’s what we’ll be discussing today: Are Yamaha the best bikes currently available?

Are Yamaha motorcycles really good?

Yamaha is based in Japan and has a long history of motorcycle manufacturing. Some of the motorcycles it produces are in fact historical and legendary. Yamaha offers a wide range of motorcycles, including off-road motorcycles. Crotch rockets, cruisers, as well as other types. They don’t focus on one type and they provide a wide range of choices for their clients.

Yamaha is also known for its quality. They continue to create new electronics and new technological features for their new motorcycles. Even if you compare Yamaha motorcycles to any other manufacturer, you will see that the Japanese brand is one of the most technologically advanced companies in the world.

Here are some other things you might want to know:

  • the design of the bikes is special, you will surely understand that you are looking at a Yamaha if you see one on the street;
  • all Yamaha motorcycles are light, which helps them accelerate faster in the city;
  • also, lighter motorcycles burn less gasoline, making them slightly less expensive to run;
  • quality is one of the most important characteristics, Yamaha motorcycles last a long time and do not cause many problems;
  • these bikes are easy to handle and will give you a great riding experience.

Yes, you can apply many of these factors to some other motorcycle manufacturers. But you must admit, a cocktail of these possibilities is possible only when riding a Yamaha motorcycle.

Are there any disadvantages? Yes, we know some. Generally, Yamaha motorcycles are less powerful than their counterparts. The reason for this is the light weight. Light motorcycles do not need a lot of power. But this results in two bad things: engine longevity and a poor highway driving experience. And the engine  Yamaha 225 outboard price is high now. We would say that most Yamaha bikes are good for the city, not the highway.

Some Yamaha models still “surprise” owners with low-quality headlights and some other important features. Which does not allow us to say that Yamaha is the best motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

Which is better: Suzuki or Yamaha?

It is extremely difficult to evaluate and correctly say which motorcycle manufacturer is better. On the one hand, we have a cheaper Suzuki with more powerful engines and a sportier driving style. On the other hand, we have a lighter, more economical Yamaha with better technology and great design. It’s hard to choose, right?

This is very difficult, because each motorcycle model needs to be discussed separately. We know a few less successful Suzuki models that are underperforming in the market, and we know some great Suzuki line-up leaders that don’t even come close to their sales brethren.

Here are some benefits for you when choosing a motorcycle:

Pay attention to your personal feelings. It is very important whether you like the motorcycle you are going to buy or not. If you don’t like how it looks, you will never like how it goes and you will be disappointed with your purchase.

Compare prices. Sometimes price can be the deciding factor because you might have a promotion from one of the dealers and get the bike for less than you expect.

Consider how you are going to use your motorcycle. If you want to ride on the highway, you should choose a Suzuki motorcycle. If you want to drive around the city, you can choose Yamaha.

See additional options. Consider which brand gives you more technology and more features for the same money. Possibility to find spare parts at motorcycle junkyard. Just take your budget and see what you can buy from Suzuki and Yamaha.

Read reviews. This article was written at the time when we chose Suzuki because it is more practical and cheaper. But in a year, everything can change, and Yamaha can offer something incredible.To make a decision, you should simply test both bikes and see which one you like. Your personal experience is still the most important thing when you are looking to buy a motorcycle. You must love it.

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