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You Love to Dance: These Bad Bunny Songs Will Make You Move Your Hips

The Puerto Rican music star Bad Bunny is seen as an all-around singer since he has the talent to mix various music genres. Of course, his basics are reggaeton music and Latin trap, but he can also use different beats in between. 

Therefore, if you are passionate about dancing, Bad Bunny’s tracks will surely motivate you to move your hips, whether listening to him at home or in a nightclub.

Bad Bunny is today’s most popular Grammy Award-winning reggaeton entertainer known for his exciting live performances. That’s why finding the best Bad Bunny ticket price and buying tickets should be on your bucket list if you want to enjoy an all-night dancing adventure. 

However, preparing before you go to one of his live shows is nice, so here are the most danceable Bad Bunny songs.

La Romana feat. El Alfa

If you know Bad Bunny’s songs, you are definitely a fan of “La Romana.” If not, use the benefits of Youtube Music and learn the song as soon as you can. As the name suggests, this track takes place in La Romana city in the Dominican Republic, capturing the moment of becoming an icon. 

Made together with El Alfa, this Bad Bunny track is on his debut album as the eleventh song on this album, while it’s also one of his most popular tracks until now.

“La Romana” does begin with a powerful entrance, but it becomes even more interesting when El Alfa takes over midway through the track. Here’s where everyone starts moving their hips, even those who are not huge fans of dancing. 

Furthermore, another reason that makes everyone hit the dance floor is that the whole album peaked at number one on the US Latin Rhythm Albums by the prestigious Billboard.

Yo Perreo Sola

We can not know whether “Yo Perreo Sola” is Bad Bunny’s most famous song ever, but it’s most certainly the most important one and is also excellent for hitting the dance floor.

As you probably know, Bad Bunny likes to address critical societal issues in his lyrics and points out LQBT rights, natural disasters, etc. 

In this case, Bad Bunny goes full drag for this song as a message for awareness of the LGBT community. According to many people from the music world, “Yo Perreo Sola” is also a tribute to the unfortunate event of the murder of trans victim Alexa Negron. 

This song comes from Bunny’s second solo studio album, “YHLQMDLG,” which won a Latin Grammy for Best Reggaeton Performance. The events causing this song may be tragic or challenging, but dancing to it is also about being yourself and not thinking about what everyone else thinks about your way of living.

Antes Que Se Acabe

This track comes from Bunny’s third solo album by the name of “El Último Tour Del Mundo.”

The album itself is a mix of reggaeton, Latin trap, and even alternative rock, so it’s not a surprise why “Antes Que Se Acabe” is an entertaining track for dancing. What might surprise you is that this song is listed as the 15th song on the album, but hey, it’s not the first time musicians have mistakenly guessed which track from the album will be the biggest hit. 

It may not be the biggest hit, but it will certainly make you dance all night long. This track is a symbol of making the best out of our lives all the time and a symbol of pleasure. 

First it has a mellow tune, but it transforms itself into excellent beats that will motivate you to have fun and dance with your friends or partner and forget the rest of the world.

La Cansión

“La Cansión” was released back in 2019 and is a track made by Bad Bunny together with J Balvin for their collaborative album named “Oasis.” 

The two performers made something interesting for this song since it has a slow ambiance of sadness, but it also has rhythmic beats that will let you dance and relax. This track was highly successful, and it’s still famous among Bad Bunny fans all across the globe. 

“La Cansión” is a nostalgic tale since Bunny addresses the great times he once had with a significant other. Nothing comes for free, even dancing, so even though this track can challenge you to call your ex, at least you will dance a lot while doing so. 

Just kidding, dance and have fun but don’t call your ex!

So, if you like dancing and Bad Bunny, these are the songs that will make you move your hips right away. Of course, a live concert’s atmosphere is much better, so buy tickets as soon as possible and dance with your best friends all night!

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