You Need To Know This about Crazy Golf

Crazy golf is among the games whose popularity is growing rapidly globally. You can spend money on a golf practice set up to enhance your skills. It is a sort of miniature golf, and playing it is similar to playing regular golf in that you use a home golf simulator to knock the ball into holes that are situated on hills, mounds, and slopes. This makes it incredibly challenging for anyone to hit inside, or very close to the holes.  The series of holes are available in multiples of 9, but at a short length when compared to the normal golf. On average, the distance from the tee to the cup is 10 yards at most. This game is played by at least four people and the winner is the one who gets the lowest number of points.

What kind of surface is used?

With crazy golf, an artificial surface that includes concrete, artificial turf or carpet may be used and there is a geometrical layout that most often requires the putting of non-conventional lines that include artificial obstacles, bank shots, ramps, tubes, and tunnels. Also, moving obstacles that include concrete walls, winds, fiberglass, and more are used to make it hard for the players to hit their targets.  This game is perhaps the real golf but in a smaller version.

Who can play this game?

Crazy golf is an amazing option for the entire family, business, singles, and other groups of people who want to have fun together. No matter who plays this amazing game? It’s important to know how to play it, and also develop a good strategy that will help you conquer the obstacles that make hitting the holes very hard.

Types of courses

All Crazy Golf competitions that are approved by the World Minigolf sport Federation take place on a standardized course. The design is checked to ensure that the requirements for competitive play are checked. There are four kinds of courses that the federation approves and among them include the Beon, Eternite, Felt, and the Minigolf Open Standard.

Tournaments and competitions

Almost all countries in Europe have a national federation that is tasked with the role of promoting this competitive sport. There is a bi-annual European competition that attracts participants from more than 20 countries in Europe. However, outside Europe, this game is not very popular, and the number of participants is very small when compared to Europe.

In world championships, it’s only players from the larger Europe who have managed to maintain the first 50 positions. Those from upcoming territories such as Japan, United States, and the UK have not made it to the top slots. However, considering how the game is being taken seriously in these territories, lots of progress will be achieved.

Prize money during competitions

The prize money that is paid to those who win Crazy Golf competitions and other mini-golf tournaments is small compared to the main golf. The United States pays an average of 5000 dollars for a win, while the amount that a large majority of European countries pay is relatively lower. With the game getting more popular in Europe, the United States, and other parts of the world, the prize money is most likely to go up.

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