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Capturing tails of joy: Turning travel moments into paw-sitively perfect pet portraits

Are you planning a trip within the UAE with your precious furry friend, or are you simply keen to capture unforgettable moments of your pet’s cute adventures? As the not-so-closeted animal lovers, we have some insider tips for you. 

Let’s begin with Tip #1, if you’re off to an adventure in a new country, get expert pet transporters on board to ensure a seamless journey for you and your furry companion. Their support extends beyond transporting pets – they come with a certified know-how of stress-free travels (and peace of mind) for you and your precious furball. 

Next, let’s dive right into the joys of pet photography, to ensure your fluffy friend’s photo sessions are a tail-wagging success!

The ‘must-do’ tips:

  • Get to know your pet:
    Spend quality time with your pet before diving into a photo shoot. Understand their temperament, favorite treats, and activities that get their tail wagging or purring. This will help you capture them in their truest element.
  • Choose the right location:
    Pick a setting that suits your pet’s mood and personality. The location should reflect your pet’s character, whether it’s a playful romp in the park, a cozy indoor scene, or a regal portrait in your backyard – you pick!
  • Get the lighting right:
    Natural light is a pet photographer’s best friend. Opt for soft, diffused lighting to avoid harsh shadows. Early morning or late afternoon sunlight provides the perfect glow.
  • Stay patient:
    Pets can be unpredictable, so be patient. Capture candid moments and let your pets be themselves. Some endearing shots happen when they think you’re not looking.
  • Focus on their eyes:
    We’re sure you know this as well as we do – their eyes speak volumes and are the window to their soul; the same goes for pet photography. Ensure your pet’s eyes are in sharp focus to capture compelling and emotive shots.

The ‘nice-to-have’ tips:

Think of this as your in-house production unit and check each of these off to get the best results.

  • Camera gear:
    While a smartphone camera can essentially do, it would be nice to invest in a good quality camera with interchangeable lenses if you wish to capture professional pet photography. A DSLR or mirrorless camera allows for greater control over settings.
  • Treats and toys:
    Keep treats and toys at bay and use them to grab your pet’s attention and reward them for their cooperation.
  • Props and accessories:
    Consider adding props like colorful scarves, bows, clothes, or toys that match your pet’s personality.
  • Patience and time:
    A successful pet photoshoot may take time. Slot out a generous amount of time for your session, preferably at a time that you aren’t in a rush so you can successfully capture those perfect moments that you’re looking for.

The ‘keeping-them-calm’ tips:

  • Comfort first:
    Ensure your pet is comfortable during the session. Use their favorite blanket or cushion to create a cozy spot and then, let them just play, move, stay still, or whatever feels natural to them.
  • Stay calm:
    Your pet can pick up on your energy, so stay relaxed and composed during the entire session. Pro tip: Your pet feeds off your energy so any impatience, frustration, or annoyance will directly impact their mood, too.
  • Positive reinforcement:
    Reward your pet with treats and praise for good behavior so that they associate this experience with a positive one and are just as excited for the next ones to follow.
  • Take breaks:
    Give your pet short breaks to stretch, recoup, and relax, avoiding any signs of exhaustion or stress.

That’s it, you’re ready for to begin transporting pets to a world of memories!

Beyond crafting adorable memories, pet photography can deepen your connection with your furry companion. Furthermore, it is a beautiful reason to shower them with additional love and attention. 

And remember, when the time comes to relocate pets from one place to another, remember to acquire the assistance of expert pet transporters – they’ll be key to transforming the journey into a paw-some and stress-free adventure!


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