Your Ultimate Guide to Planning a Carnival-Themed Event

Planning any event is already nerve-wracking in itself – what more for an event with a carnival theme? Carnival-themed events have been all the rage for a good number of years, as they’re perfect for any occasion, be it a corporate family day, a children’s birthday party, a school fair, or a community fete. But as everyone knows, planning a carnival-themed event can be undoubtedly fun and exciting – but it can also be overwhelming (especially if you don’t plan it properly!). There are many aspects to consider, and everything has to fall into place, much like a jigsaw puzzle. From the food to the games all the way to the decorations, a carnival event is made up of many elements. But there’s no need to panic: we’re bringing you the ultimate guide to planning a carnival-themed event, and we will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to make it unforgettable.


  • Choose the right venue

When it comes to selecting your venue, there are several factors to consider. First of all, think about your event’s size and the number of attendees you are expecting. If your event is smaller, it may be better suited to a local park or backyard, while larger events may require renting a space such as a community center or school gym. Also, think about your needs regarding the availability of restrooms, parking, and electricity, as well as any restrictions in the area regarding noise and space.

  • Carnival games and activities

No carnival or funfair is complete without a variety of games and activities, and a funfair stall for hire provider will make sure you have everything you need. Consider giving your attendees classic carnival games (such as ring toss, milk bottle toss, and darts) as well as modern games and attractions like photo booths and inflatable obstacle courses. To keep the attendees and guests well entertained, why not host a dunking tank or a pie-eating contest, and don’t forget about the prizes! Even stuffed animals, small toys, and candy are popular as carnival prizes, and everyone loves to win.

  • Food and drink

Of course, your carnival event wouldn’t be the same without the carnival food, so make sure the crowd gets what they want. When it comes to carnival food, everyone will agree: the sky’s the limit! From popcorn to cotton candy to hot dogs and cupcakes, your attendees will expect a wide variety of classic (and modern) carnival treats. It also pays to offer gluten-free and vegetarian options. As for the drinks and beverages, consider serving iced tea, lemonade, tea, soda, and beer, and be sure to have plenty of water available to keep attendees hydrated.

  • Atmosphere and decorations 

Create a festive atmosphere by choosing a color scheme and incorporating it into your decor. Don’t forget the standard banners, balloons, and streamers; they are an affordable and effective way to create a celebratory vibe. Think about lighting as well – consider string or fairy lights, or lanterns to create a cozy atmosphere after dark.

  • Marketing and promotion

To ensure a successful turnout for your event, promoting it effectively is key. You can utilize social media platforms to create buzz and generate interest and even partner with local businesses to offer promotions or discounts. But don’t forget traditional marketing methods, either – like flyers and posters – distribute them to community centers and local businesses. Have a successful event!

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