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Are you searching for the perfect perfume that will keep your whole day fresh? If so, and you’re in love with perfumes and would like to experiment with something different you should try Ysl Black Opium. It’s a fresh United States scent that has specific notes and could be beneficial to any person.

In this post, we provide complete information about the YSl perfume, which can make your body smell attractive and captivating. So, let’s look through the YSL Black Opium detail and find whether it’s worthy.

About the fragrance YSL Black Opium

It’s simple. There is no need to put in a lot of effort. When you are looking to select the right scent you must do a some research. The top, middle and bottom notes can be excellent to determine the quality of the scent. Additionally, it demonstrates the length of time it will last and what it is that will appeal to the person you are.

YSL black opium is more light and more volatile in the top notes. But, the middle notes determine the scent of the heart, and its principal objective is to keep the body fresh. However, the base notes are warm and provide ease.

Ysl Black Opium Fragrances

  1. Amber

It’s not a specific chemical, however it can give your perfume bottle the finest fragrance. According to Raza Amber, it is used to highlight the mix of different fragrances like vanilla, benzoin and labdanum scents. The labdanum smells like the cistus oil that comes from the plant cistus. It is an energizing dense, deep and powerful scent that will bring a smile to the face.

  1. Musk

It is often a great scent and is used in many perfumes. It’s a bit difficult to explain however, in the natural world, it is possible to find this scent as natural as it is a thin scent and is excellent in the YSL black opal It was derived from animals and is considered to be a magic ingredient. Additionally, it produces an elegant and smooth fragrance that makes you feel relaxed throughout the throughout the day.

  1. Vanilla

Vanilla is among the most popular scents that gives a warm feeling. This is the most loved scent that women often are in love with. Additionally, it is used in body lotions, creams and other scents. It is a floral, woody and fruity notes.

  1. Oud

Oud is among the best base notes that lift the other notes, and gives you an unmistakable sense of the romantic scent. It is a complex scent and the woody, smokey and sweet sensation inside Ysl Black Opium


On the market, many scents are offered which are cheap and top quality. But, Dossier is one brand that is known for delivering the finest fragrance that you require. However, Dossier Perfumes are amazing because they have an appealing appeal and provide confidence in yourself.

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