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10 Different Ways to Evaluate Roofing Contractors

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I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories about people who have chosen the wrong roofing contractor. It’s a big decision, and it can be difficult to know how to evaluate their credentials. That’s why this blog post will tell you 10 different ways that you can judge if they are the right person for your project.

1. Ask for referrals

One of the best ways to see if a roofer is good at their job is by asking for references. If you call someone’s references and find that they are all satisfied, then the roofing contractor that you are considering may be good as well. However, it would still be best to do some more research on them.

2. Google it

It’s very easy to go onto Google and look up reviews about roofers in your area. You can also put in search engine queries like “roofing contractors near me” or something similar and see who pops up first. A company with bad reviews might not necessarily mean they aren’t a good company though (it could be due several reasons such as the homeowners not maintaining their roofs properly or getting more than one estimate). It is still good to look up reviews however.

3. Ask for proof of insurance

You can ask whether your roofer has general liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and if they are bonded (which means that they will stick to the contract that they make with you). You want someone who asks about protecting themselves because it shows that they’re serious about working in your home; not just there to collect a check and run away. Having this proof will also give you peace of mind when it comes time to pay them though – something important for most homeowners when choosing a contractor.

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4. Their equipment matters

Do you know what kind of machines your roofing contractor will use? Some companies just hire people on the cheap who are willing to come in with broom-cleaners, but you want someone who uses more powerful equipment.

5. Material costs

Roofing contractors charge their clients by how much material is used in installing something. Asphalt shingle contractors might charge $100 per square (100 SF=1 SQ; 100 SQ=1 Acre), whereas metal roofing contractors might charge by weight (per ounce). It’s good to ask your contractor how they charge their clients so you’ll know what to expect.

6. Their equipment matters

Do you know what kind of machines your roofing contractor will use? Some companies just hire people on the cheap who are willing to come in with broom-cleaners, but you want someone who uses more powerful equipment.

7. Worker’s comp rates

If you don’t ask about worker’s compensation rates, your contractor may not even bring it up. This is important because every state has their own requirements for how much companies have to pay their employees if there are any accidents on-the-job. The rates are different for each state, so check your local laws if you’re not sure about what they are. If you contractor doesn’t pay worker’s comp, it means that they are either uninsured or breaking the law.

8. A lifetime warranties

Lifetime warranties are important because they show that your roofing company is actually proud of their workmanship and will stand behind their product even after years have passed. Don’t go with a company that only offers 1-year warranties because it shows that they don’t have faith in their own product – which could be dangerous for someone who plans to live in the same house for long periods of time (which many people do). Check out an example here:

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9. A written estimate

If your contractor doesn’t give you a formal estimate then there’s no way for you to know what to expect from them in the future. That’s why it’s important for companies to not only present their clients with an estimate, but also create a contract so that everyone knows exactly what will happen and when (such as materials or installation dates). This is especially true if you’re paying people thousands of dollars; you want to make sure that they’re doing everything correctly and on schedule.

10. The company has reviews

If a roofing company refuses to show reviews or hide reviews online, then that should be seen as a red flag (especially because reviews are free and easy-to-do). Not only that, but you should also check to see if the reviews are real or just posted by bots. Many companies pay someone to post great reviews on their behalf because paid reviewers have a higher influence than personal testimonials from actual clients. Bot-posted reviews can be easy to spot because they will often use similar verbiage and grammar as another review – which tells you that it’s not a real person posting about their experience with a company.

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