10 Employee Recognition Examples Your Team Will Love

The primary responsibility of a manager is to guarantee that all team members work diligently and enthusiastically towards accomplishing shared goals.

This is especially important to remember when your coworkers are out of the office and you have to compete with each other digitally. But how should leaders show appreciation when a simple handshake or pat on the back is now impossible?

We have provided you with ten straightforward instances of employee recognition to make it simpler for you to convey your gratitude to your team members.

1. Having virtual one-on-one interactions with your team members is a great way to show your appreciation for them.

Do you maintain a regular schedule of one-on-one meetings in the home office with each of your staff members? Perfect!

You will be able to learn how your coworker is feeling, what obstacles he is facing, and where you can assist him by participating in these personalised virtual meetings.

You should always create time in your schedule for one-on-one meetings with your team members, even if your calendar is filled with various other types of meetings.

2. Create a public acknowledgement in front of the entirety of the members of the remote team!

Let’s not sugarcoat things and tell each other the truth. The majority of our workdays are spent in meetings with the team. As a manager, you are responsible for ensuring that some of these occasions have adequate room for additional expressions of gratitude.

It is a fantastic way to show appreciation for one’s workforce to take five minutes out of each team meeting to either update members on recent accomplishments, provide candid comments, or spotlight the excellent actions of a particular team member.

However, if you recognise employees in public, you must consider the individual personalities of each employee you honour.

Some people don’t feel comfortable being in the middle of everything, and for some people, receiving personal acknowledgement is significantly more valuable than receiving public accolades. 

Asking your coworkers about what gratitude means to them and what they think social employee recognition should look like from their perspective is not something you should be hesitant to do.

3. Establish a separate chat for giving recognition.

Chat applications are another option for recognising the contributions of team members. Because of this, it is instant, uncomplicated, and straightforward.

Send a quick message, a GIF, or even a simple emoji to your staff members whenever they complete a work well done. This will ensure that they are made to feel appreciated. Although it isn’t much, it gets the job done!

4. When you propose projects to the entire organisation, mention the personnel.

If you present your team’s accomplishments in front of the whole company or in public, make sure that you don’t take all of the credit for your team’s success!

Include the names of the team leaders as well as the members of the team that contributed to the successful completion of the goal. This will instil a sense of pride and drive and assist with staff engagement.

5. Launch a programme that recognises and rewards employees

Invest the time and effort into launching an employee appreciation programme, which should be one of the company’s key values, along with professional growth and acknowledgement of employees for their contributions. 

Employee recognition programmes can be structured in a variety of ways. For instance, you might use the intranet that the organisation provides. 

Ensure that employees can write reviews of other team members and leave comments on their contributions to the job.

6. Send them a message appreciating their contribution.

There is no method that is more effective than personally expressing gratitude to a person for his or her contributions than doing so in person. Even though we have already suggested a dedicated chat channel, we also think that an email or a handwritten note is a terrific approach to recognise the hard work that a team has put in.

It can make your message to your employees expressing gratitude more specific and individual.

7. shoutouts and mentions on social media

Do you have a skilled worker who contributes significantly to the company’s success? Nice! Why not give one of your team members some publicity and show him or her off to the utmost by mentioning his or her name on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin?

8. Observe the anniversary of your coworkers’ employment in a manner that is unique to them

Remember your coworkers’ work anniversaries in a way that is meaningful to you, and commemorate them in a way that is unique and distinctive.

When showing appreciation for employees, even the smallest gestures may go a long way, whether through a corporate giving programme, an event, or anything else along those lines!

9. Have a party in cyberspace!

There is always a reason to rejoice, whether it be an accomplishment, the completion of a significant project, or simply the fact that the weekend is almost here and you’ve had a wonderful week together.

If you are working separately at separate locations, being unable to be together shouldn’t hinder you from doing your jobs. Create a digital version of happy hour or a digital version of a coffee break! If someone’s birthday is coming up, you should have everyone sign an electronic birthday card.

10. Ideas for having fun with employee recognition!

What about putting on a display similar to an awards ceremony to recognise the hard work of the employees? You might come up with many classifications of admiration, complete with nominations and the selection of champions to be crowned. 

This is an excellent method for ensuring staff members understand how much their efforts are valued. You just need a little imagination to make the whole event enjoyable for your team, which will, in turn, help improve trust and cohesion among the group.


In light of all that’s happening in the world right now, we ought to bring ourselves closer to one another. Today, more than ever, it is essential to enhance team morale, inspire employees, establish a positive and open culture, increase productivity, and sincerely cherish every team member.

No matter what you decide to do to demonstrate appreciation for your remote workforce, the most important thing to remember is that employee engagement is essential. You can even use some best employee recognition platforms available in the market

If you want your staff to continue giving their best effort, demonstrating that you cherish and appreciate them is essential… However, always through genuine expressions of gratitude. Its value is far beyond a haphazard co-worker birthday gift certificate or a simple bunch of flowers.


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