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10 Firms offering content writing services in India

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Since businesses have learned how important writing high-quality content is for marketing and generating revenue, this need has grown significantly. And we recognize that it may be challenging for you to locate a content writing service in India, particularly given the country’s unorganized content writing market. So we have made it easier for you to search for the best content company. 

Here, we present a list of the top 12 firms in India that provide the best content writing services:

Content Whale

Made up of young & experienced writers, Content Whale is an established agency providing services of content writing in India and abroad. They concentrate on 42 major content creation areas, including technical writing, copywriting, web content creation, articles, blogs, product descriptions, and much more. 

They provide services in over 13 industries and 42 verticals. You can use their website’s online estimator to determine the cost of their services. They have 300+ writers and 20 editors on staff who promise to complete quality tasks in 36 hours.

You can get a customized quote here and even take advantage of flexible pricing options. 

Content Whale is a leading provider with over 25000 articles that have been written, edited, and trusted by over 1000 brands across over 40 industries. They have grown to become one of India’s best content writing agencies, with over 200 clients. Quikr, MakeMyTrip, and TechMagnate are among their top clients.


Scatter, which was founded in 2015, provides fully managed content writing services through its large network of freelance and full-time writers. They are also well-known for their proprietary software, which offers workflow management, automated content strategy, and asset management designed specifically for content marketing. 

This content writing agency is headquartered in Mumbai but also has offices in New Delhi, Bengaluru, and the United Arab Emirates. Scatter established a strong reputation after winning the Salesforce account for content localization in its Indian market.


It is one of many established content writing companies in India. They start by doing a thorough needs analysis and R&D; then, they brainstorm about the client’s demands before producing professional content.

Their customers’ revenues have increased due to their meticulous and innovative approach. In 12 different countries, they have empowered more than 200 clients. They count Dabur, Airtel, Samsung, Nestle, and Canon among their illustrious customers. In addition to graphic design, they offer 21 different types of content to assist other businesses.

Write Right

This reputable content writing company is located in India. Write-Right was established by renowned author and creative content developer Bhavik Sarkhedi and has a team of 25 professional writers. Best-selling author Bhavik Sarkhedi has been featured in reputable international publications like Entrepreneur.com and The Huffington Post.

They have their corporate office in Ahmedabad and provide services like technical writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, creative writing, and more. They strictly adhere to deadlines while maintaining the promised level of quality. They have consistently satisfied their customers throughout their ten years of service. They collaborate with more than 50 companies and serve more than 1200 clients. Write-Right has been acknowledged and honored by Trustpilot, Glassdoor, Clutch, and Goodfirms.

Dimensions Content Writing Services

When they take on any content writing work, they aim for two things: a lasting presence in the visitors’ subconscious and a high ranking on the search engine. They achieve the ideal balance between emotion and SEO best practices to accomplish both.

Based in Kolkata, Dimensions Content communication & more offers writing services for articles, blogs, websites, social media posts, technical writing, pre-publication services, translation, journalistic content writing, creative writing, business content writing, core marketing content, commissioned projects, and voice-optimized content.


A professional content writing service based in Mumbai, Scriptwallah provides  Impactful content produced by their network of writers for various media. They provide you with a high-quality content writer from Scriptwallah by matching your content needs with writers with the necessary skills.

They provide a wide range of services, including writing for social media, scriptwriting, video production storylines, SEO, inner-page copywriting, copywriting, blog content, language services, creating content for a company’s website, and others.

Apna Writer

They are an Indian company based in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, that offers quick, effective, and customer-focused content writing services. Their team has ‘5+’ years of combined experience in the writing and publishing industries. Therefore, regardless of the industry you may be in, their staff of skilled content writers is knowledgeable in producing and delivering content precisely per your needs.

They have taken care of everything for you, from developing a content marketing strategy to writing well-researched, distinctive, and interesting content. Their skilled writers create content with your company’s objectives and target market in mind.

DAS Writing Service

This next-generation content creator has voice optimization as well! A company that was started by three ambitious individuals today employs more than 50 innovative people. After seven years of diligent work, Das Writing Services is now a well-known brand. They ensure that the content is of the highest caliber and create it while paying attention to the client’s needs. They specialize in providing content ahead of schedule.

They have carved out a niche with over 700 projects completed with 100% client satisfaction. Additionally, they provide gratis writing samples of up to 2000 words. Due to their perseverance, they have also attracted clients from abroad. Because of their high level of client satisfaction, they continue to work with the majority of their clients.


Two years running, the Gurgaon-based company JustWords has won the prestigious Google awards. They are among India’s best. In addition to producing content, they also work hard on web design, website development, social media, SEO, and content strategy. 

They have 11 years of real, hands-on experience, which they draw on to offer each client customized campaigns. The companies HDFC ergo, Homify, Alliance Fintech, and others have all benefited from their digital content services.


Inksplore was founded at home by just one person, but it has since expanded to include more than 40 employees as well as remote writers, editors, and SEO analysts. They concentrate on branding solutions in addition to providing content writing services in India. Their specialties include logo design, digital marketing, presentation content and design, and brochure content and design. They have operated for seven years and completed more than 35000 projects.

Not every content writing service operates in the same way. You must first decide what you want. You can hire a remote freelancer, a content writing business, or a content writing agency in India. Choose SEO-savvy companies if you want your content to be optimized for search engines.

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