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Tips for Planning, Writing, and Surviving Your Dissertation

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Great tips for all students and writers to help you plan, write and survive the dissertation writing process despite the complex nature of your topic of choice.

Completing dissertation papers is not easy as it is portrayed in published articles or YouTube videos. One sure thing is that students must focus and devote more time to what they desire the most. To score an excellent academic grade, you must be willing and ready to get out of your comfort zone and seek help whenever you need assistance. Since writing quality dissertation papers demands a lot of student time and effort, most learners always prefer to seek help from reputable writing companies, such as Peachy Essay. The company has, for many years, offered writing assistance to students from various parts of the world. Therefore, if you have difficulty completing your academic papers, you can always seek help from such writing companies. 

As a student, you will be required to accomplish so much within a short duration. If you are not cautious, you will realize when it is too late that too much time has passed and you have not started your academic paper. It would be best not to wait until the last minute to start writing your dissertation paper. Apparently, there is so much an individual can do if they decide to start working on their dissertation early. Due to the massive pile of assignments, you might feel like giving up your academic life. The truth is that you do not have to give up, and you can do this. There is so much that could happen between when you were first issued the dissertation instructions and when you submit the final paper to the lecturer for grading. This article will discuss several tips for planning, writing, and surviving your dissertation writing process. 

Create deadline early

It is vital to have a goal you look forward to accomplishing. Having a goal will motivate you to continue working towards your desires. Some people wait until the last minute to start the writing process. Waiting until the last minute will make you write while under pressure since you would not want to miss the deadline. The problem with working under pressure is that you might not have sufficient time to perform in-depth research, organize your thoughts, and write your findings meaningfully. Therefore, although an individual can produce high-quality paper while writing under pressure, it is vital to note that writing sparing sufficient time will help you write your pressure and organize your thoughts without so much hurry. 

Seek advice and feedback early

One of the tips for writing your dissertation is requesting feedback early. According to researchers, the sooner an individual starts communicating with their lecturer or supervisors, the smoother the editing process will be. Therefore, as a student, you could consider sparing sufficient time to sit with your supervisor and request them to assist you in creating an outline for the dissertation. On the same note, you could consider sparing sufficient time for your lecturer to review your paper. This way, you will avoid finding yourself in situations where you will be forced to rewrite your entire paper. 

Do not follow every feedback or advice you receive

Sometimes, you could feel like you do not need any form of criticism, especially when you are writing one of the most important academic papers. At this point, almost everyone wants to hear positive and encouraging comments. While in school, one of the drawbacks to writing my dissertation came from receiving negative comments from people whom I believed. I did not receive the feedback positively; hence, it ruined my fragile ego and confidence. I wasted too much time thinking and believing I was worthless. This is how I learned that you do not have to follow or listen to every piece of advice.  

Take time to understand what is expected from you

It would be best if you spared sufficient time to understand what your lecturer or supervisor expects you to deliver your dissertation. On the same note, you could take your time to go through the instructions and comprehend the formatting style you are supposed to follow. If you have a chance to converse with the lecturer, you could ask them about their expectations, the kind of sources you should use, and how to structure your paper correctly. The beauty of knowing the expectations is that it will assist you in writing effectively, avoiding potential mistakes, and grabbing your audience’s attention.

Take some time off if it is necessary

According to the researchers, students need to learn to take some time off, especially when they feel overwhelmed or tired. You do have to feel sorry for taking some time off. Lecturers should remind students that writing dissertations demand time and effort. Hence, they should develop the habit of taking breaks and recharging whenever necessary. Other activities which you could do include job marketing, teaching, writing articles, watching cartoons, taking care of your family, or meeting with friends and relatives. 

Maintain your focus

Although taking a break is important, you should not lose focus. You should resume writing as soon as possible. Most high learning institutions are filled with distractions; hence, if you are not cautious, you might realize you have spent too much time on unproductive activities. Therefore, when you take a break, you should ensure that you do not get distracted by unproductive activities. 

Learn to say no

Sadly, most students have difficulty learning how to say no, which should never be the case. Apparently, one of the challenges when writing dissertations is being surrounded by friends or family members who are not understanding. Unfortunately, some of your colleagues, family members, and friends do not have any idea on how to write a lengthy paper such as a dissertation or thesis.


In conclusion, there are many distractions in most high learning institutions, which could make it difficult for you to concentrate on your studies. If you want to complete your academic paper within the estimated duration, you might need to get away from other people. There are many places students can study comfortably without being distracted. For instance, you could go to the library, visit a quiet coffee shop, go under a tree, or lock yourself inside your bedroom. Always ensure that your studying space is devoid of any form of distraction. 

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