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Is writing essays boring or fun?

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For most students, school studies are boring, and so is essay writing. Academic writing is one of the most daunting tasks for students, as it takes a lot of time and research. However, if tackled in the right way, essay writing can also be a lot of fun. 

Before addressing the question of how essay writing can be turned into an interesting activity, let’s first discuss why essay writing or academic writing, in general, is so boring in the first place. Academic writing mostly uses dull and dry language with a lot of jargon. Historical academic writing conventions, the need for usage of precise technical terms, and limited word counts makes essay writing less exciting for students, especially new writers. Lack of interest in the given topic and obligation to stick to a particular format can remove the fun from essay writing and lead to asking for custom essay help from experienced writers to cope with the problem. However, even if a student does not feel motivated, there are a few techniques that can be used to make the essay writing process less draining. 

 Lack of interest

Lack of interest in a given topic is the single most common reason that students don’t feel excited about essay writing. Topic selection is very critical in making sure that essay writing is a fun task. If a student feels comfortable chatting knowledgeably about a topic with his or her friends, it is a good indication that there will be no lack of interest, and the research and writing process will be relatively easier. Passion will reflect in the writing, which will make it more appealing. However, problems will arise if the topic selection is bad or a student is forced to write about a topic in which he or she has minimal interest. With that said, students don’t always have the luxury to write about the topics they are interested in, so they will need to find a way to make the essay writing process less arduous while writing about the topics that are not exciting for them. 

 Lack of motivation

Lack of motivation can be offset by applying some mindset adjustment techniques. Students can motivate themselves by thinking about all the positive things that will happen as a result of better writing. For example, better grades, recognition from the teacher, and contribution to research in that particular area. During the research process, positivity and clarity will lead to less boredom, and essay writing will be less draining. A Student will benefit by writing in multiple sittings, as it will let him or her focus on quality of the essay. Not waiting for the last day to appear before beginning the research process is also a good idea; it will avoid excessive pressure on the last day. Besides, almost every imaginable topic has some fan base in the world. Finding forums on the internet about a particular topic, and reading what other people are saying who are passionate about it, maybe motivating. As already discussed, the dry subject matter makes an essay boring. It falls to the students to make a dry subject matter livelier by finding some fascinating details about a topic. Trying to emulate the writing style of the writers one finds interesting is also a technique that makes an essay more engaging.  

 To sum up

Essay writing is one of the tasks that a student can’t get away from, and it does not always need to be boring. Being passionate about a particular topic will help a lot in avoiding that boredom. Even if a student does not feel passionate about a topic, finding a connection with the underlying research areas will make the task more manageable, if not the most fun.

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