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10 reasons why Automatic Wrapping solution for Pallets is Economy way than hand

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There are people choose to use hand wrap machines Cost-effectiveness in following reason. The hand wrap for load is often more cost-effective compared to automatic wrapping methods, as they eliminate the need of the investment and reduce the amount of film usage. But you will found it is wrong if checking the following 10 reasons:

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1: Packing material cost reduce

The use of an automatic wrapping machine not only improves efficiency, but it also reduces the cost of wrapping pallets. The power pre-stretch feature in machines like FHOPEPACKallows the film to be stretched over 400%, increasing the yield of a roll of stretch film. For example, a 2000m roll can yield 10,000m of film with 400% stretch. This not only reduces the amount of film needed for each pallet but also helps to reduce the cost of film per pallet wrapped.

2.Improved Occupational Health and Safety:

Hand wrapping pallets can be physically demanding and can lead to poor posture and repetitive movements. This can result in musculoskeletal injuries to workers, which can be costly in terms of injury claims and lost work days. Using an automatic wrapping machine eliminates this risk and helps to maintain a safe working environment. In addition, an automatic machine reduces the risk of manual handling injuries and the need for manual labor, allowing workers to focus on other tasks.

  • Improved Load Containment & Damage Prevention:

The main objective of wrapping pallets with stretch film is to safeguard products from damage during storage and transportation. However, incorrect wrapping can lead to load containment issues. Hand wrapping pallets may seem convenient, but it’s challenging to achieve the same level of protection as automatic machines. Some of the reasons for this include inconsistent containment force, leading to weak points, and poor load-to-pallet bonding, resulting in the risk of the load sliding off during transit.

  • Reduced Film Wastage & Environmental Impact:

By using an automatic stretch wrapping machine like FHOPEPACK, you can reduce the amount of film used, which results in a lower environmental impact. The power pre-stretch feature in these machines allows for greater pre-stretching capability, providing more yield per roll of film, and reducing film usage by up to 70%. By investing in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution, you can protect your products and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Lower Labor Costs:

The cost of labor is rise everywhere, and hand wrapping pallets can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. By using an automatic wrapping machine, you can increase productivity and reduce labor costs. The machine can wrap pallets while warehouse workers focus on other tasks, potentially eliminating the need for additional employees. The cost of a semi-automatic stretch wrapper is spread over the thousands of loads it wraps over its lifespan, resulting in a low machine cost per load wrapped.

  • Improved Warehouse Efficiency:

Improving warehouse efficiency and productivity is a goal for every warehouse manager. Machine wrapping pallets takes significantly less time compared to hand wrapping, freeing up workers to focus on other tasks, resulting in increased overall workplace efficiency.

  • Customization in Wrapping Settings:

FHOPEPACK Pallet Wrapping Machines come with extensive programming options, allowing you to wrap your products in a manner that suits each specific load type while maximizing yield. The machine’s sensors allow for adjustments in film tension based on the position of the pallet. For example, lower tension can be programmed for sharp corners to avoid puncturing the film, while light tension can be used for starting bottom wraps and then increased for remaining and final bottom wraps for improved load stability. The ability to customize wrapping settings helps ensure secure and efficient handling of your products.

  • Track Film Usage and Costs

The inbuilt memory technology of the pallet wrapping machines helps you track and analyze the usage of your wrap. This makes it easy to monitor your cost per pallet wrapped and calculate monthly film expenses. This feature helps with budgeting and expense tracking, ensuring you stay within your set limits.

  • Wrap Large Pallets with Ease

Pallets come in various shapes and sizes, and some may be too tall for manual wrapping. The machines have a 2.5m height mast that solves this problem, making it possible to wrap large pallets with ease. These machines have a solution for every wrapping requirement, and you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your needs.

  1. Professional Wrapping Results

Manual wrapping may seem cheaper, but it cannot match the consistency and uniformity of machine wrapping. The machines are designed to perform the same task repeatedly with precision and accuracy, ensuring the last load is wrapped just as well as the first. Neatly wrapped pallets show care and pride in your products, and a professional wrapping application is a reflection of your business’s reputation.

Moreover, automatic wrapping machines are equipped with safety features such as automatic shut-off in case of emergency, and alarms to alert workers of potential hazards. This ensures that workers are protected while they are operating the machine and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. In conclusion, investing in an automatic wrapping machine is not only cost-effective, but it also helps to maintain a safe working environment, improves the overall quality of work, and reduces the risk of costly injury claims. Worksafe Australia recommends the use of automatic wrapping machines to ensure a safe working environment for workers.

So the use of an automatic wrapping machine like FHOPEPACK offers numerous benefits for businesses looking to wrap their pallets efficiently and cost-effectively. From reducing costs associated with labour and film usage, to improving occupational health and safety, and increasing load containment and damage prevention, the use of a machine is a smart investment. Additionally, with programmable settings and the ability to wrap large pallets, businesses can achieve consistent and uniform wrapping results that reflect their care and pride in their products. The in-built memory technology also helps with calculating monthly film usage costs, making it easier to track expenditures and budget accordingly. Overall, using an automatic wrapping machine is a cost-effective, efficient, and professional solution for wrapping pallets.

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