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5 Signs You Have Found a Great Jewelry Brand

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Are you apprehensive about ordering from a new jewelry brand you have found online? Perhaps you have always been loyal to the same brand over the years. But, you have decided it is time for a change. Maybe you want to explore new designs, and this has led you to a jewelry brand’s website. Either way, you want to ensure you trust a jewelry brand before you order a new accessory. Then, you can look forward to the piece arriving and not be disappointed. Here are five signs you have found a great jewelry brand to order from.

Free Shipping and Insurance

Jewelry is a luxury item, and it can mean that you are paying a lot of money for accessories. There is nothing worse than putting something you love into your basket to be then hit with an expensive shipping and insurance price. This can add a lot to your bill, which might go over your budget and how much you want to spend.

But, a great jewelry brand is going to recognize that you are spending a lot of money and want to provide you with a good customer service. In particular, they will offer you free shipping on the jewelry pieces you buy. What’s more, they can include insurance if something goes wrong. For example, at https://queenofheartsjewelry.us/, this jewelry brand offers free two-day shipping. Insurance is included in case something goes wrong in transit. You even have a 15-day return policy.

Variety of Designs

They say that variety is the spice of life. Indeed, when you are looking for a jewelry brand, you want to see a variety of designs available. This can ensure you find something exciting and unique that suits your style. A brand that is experienced will know that people have different styles and produce a range of designs to accommodate this.

So, take a look around at a brand’s website. Make sure they have a variety of pieces available that are unique and distinctive. This show they are put a lot of hard work into their designs and this can make you feel special wearing them.

Positive Customer Reviews

Great jewelry brands are going to have positive feedback from customers. They will be praised for their pieces, whether it is their overall quality or the variety of designs they offer. They can also be complimented on their fast delivery and fast customer service. No matter what it is, a reliable jewelry brand will have positive customer reviews that you can see for yourself.

Thus, make some time to research the brand and ensure other customers have had a good experience. In particular, Google reviews will be a good place to start since you can see the star rating and then read the comments. When there are a lot of positive reviews, that is a great sign, and it can make you feel confident ordering pieces from them.

High Karat Gold

Great jewelry brands want to provide quality pieces for their customers. For example, if they are selling gold jewelry, they will want to give you high-karat gold pieces. This means you are wearing the best of this precious metal, which offers beautiful color and shine, as well as longevity.

Unfortunately, there are jewelry brands out there that offer cheap pieces. They say that they are gold but the karat number is low. These are the brands you want to avoid. When low amounts of gold are used, this means there are higher metals and alloys in the construction. While the style might look nice, they can tarnish easily and leave your skin discolored.

Lifetime Trade-In Guarantee

When you are spending a lot of money on jewelry, you want to ensure you are receiving the quality you are paying for. After all, you do not want to fall for a scam or be ripped off. But, a  sign to look out for is a lifetime trade-in guarantee. This is going to be something that only good brands offer. Indeed, they will allow you to trade in any piece of jewelry you have bought from them. The fact that they let you do this is a sign that they are made from quality materials the company is happy to have back.

Most companies will advertize a lifetime trade-in guarantee on their website. This is a good way to get rid of pieces you no longer wear, and it allows you to put them towards another purchase. After all, metals like gold keep their value quite well, so it pays to trade pieces in.

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