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10 suggestions for increasing Instagram followers

1. Integrate Instagram with other social media platforms

The first step is to link your account to your other social networks in order to promote your profile and gain more followers.

Enter the application’s options section, click “connected accounts” under Settings, and then pick your preferred preferences.

As a result, you can post your photos on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Swarm, vkontakte, Amoeba, and Extending the audience for your publications and giving people more chances to view and find them.

2. Acquire hashtag knowledge

A hashtag is created by combining the pound sign (#) and a word that you want to use to describe that publication.

You’ve probably already come across some of the most well-known ones, such as #lookdeldia or #instafood, in posts on Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook itself.

Users can find your company more quickly if you use this resource properly. Additionally enabling the categorization of your material within the network

Avoid overusing hashtags by always attempting to use ones that are specifically connected to your image.

Even while it broadens the audience for your company, it muddles the user experience that already surrounds your postings.

Without affecting anyone else’s timeline, you can still utilize them in the comment section of your postings.

3. Seek out images that are genuinely fascinating.

The caliber of the photographs you share is another element that greatly influences Instagram users’ engagement.

When taking images, don’t be afraid to use angles, play around with nice lighting, or choose high-quality materials. That distinction can ensure a high number of “likes” and grab the interest of everyone browsing the timeline.

Determining a distinct visual identity for your company is also crucial if you want to increase the likelihood that a photo of you will be identified as such anywhere on the social network.

Do you need an illustration? Look at the @rockcontent account to notice how the pictures, videos, and other content follow a specific pattern. This makes the connection with the user much stronger.

Also keep in mind how crucial it is to comprehend what works best for your buyer persona. In order to match your brand with consumer interests, you must experiment, and this is a crucial step in ensuring engagement.

4. Participate in the network

Maintaining public interest in your material depends heavily on your presence on social media. Following every piece of advice, sharing jaw-dropping images, and leaving stellar comments only once a week is pointless.

You must use the social network frequently if you want to raise the engagement rate. Keep a solid publishing rate, don’t focus on collecting “likes” on other users’ photographs, only comment when you have something to say, and avoid using comments to promote your own content.

Sharing pictures from other accounts in your field of expertise is also important. Who knows, perhaps you’ll get a mention with a link to your profile later.

5. Feed participation on your account

If you don’t take the initiative, no one will interact with your posts. As a result, initiate contact with these new people. Always choose postings that are relevant to your business or come from local influencers when liking, commenting, and tagging the nicest pictures you come across.

An effective substitute is to engage users in dialogue in your own posts, or to be prepared to respond to those who take the time to remark on your images. Thus, you demonstrate that you are engaged and concerned about visitors.

6. Make use of sponsored content as a substitute.

Similar to Facebook ads, Instagram sponsored posts enable audience segmentation, considerably enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Utilize the available opportunities to insert sponsored messages to promote events, offer benefits, and grab the interest of the public who do not yet follow your company, ensuring that more users have access to your news.

Do not forget, nevertheless, that in order to get the desired outcomes, this choice requires a very well-thought-out expenditure corresponding to the success of your campaign.

7. Varies in content 

Experiment with changing the format of your posts by using Instagram’s options for uploading videos and images.

Utilize the tool wisely and edit carefully to encourage user interaction with the company. When done effectively, videos have an engagement rate that is three times higher than that of photographs.

Anything goes, including product demonstrations, making-of videos, interviews, launch trailers, and any other content your brand may create. It’s crucial to consider your marketing proposal carefully.

8. Study the competition.

Do you know of a really cool thing your rival performed that had great effects? You can and should take away lessons from this and apply them to your own business.

But what if the actions don’t succeed? To your surprise, you can wind up teaching much more than the outcome of the competition if you study them as well.

This is because this kind of analysis will be crucial to helping you better understand the market that your competitors serve and that, eventually, might end up switching to be yours.

As a result, keep up with the competition and pay attention to every network activity. You must always keep an eye on comments, likes, postings, and differentiated activities to avoid falling behind.

9. Acquire account management skills

You may manage your Instagram accounts with the help of a number of applications. Maintaining the posting schedule and keeping track of each account’s behavior is significantly simpler when there are several active accounts.

Examples of apps that support this monitoring process include Latergram, Instamizer, takeoff, Machinegram, and Schedugram. Some of these apps can even provide additional features like post-scheduling.

Many other software programs, like instacommentor, which organizes and monitors comments, can be helpful. Using instafollow, you can see who unfollowed a brand.

Finding the best tools for your organization remains the responsibility of the person managing the page.

10. Establish an editorial schedule.

Any successful digital marketing campaign must be well-organized. An editorial calendar may save time and ensure that content is sent properly throughout the year, but especially on significant holidays like Christmas, Easter, or the company’s birthday.

Although it is obvious that there are publications at the present, it is crucial to identify the information that will be exhibited first.

The bottom line is that developing a successful strategy takes time, and once you have a solid program in place, you can adjust the plan to suit any unforeseen circumstances.

Final words

All of these suggestions can aid in increasing the number of Instagram followers you have, but don’t lose sight of the fact that effective communication and maintaining your brand’s tone of voice are ultimately more crucial.

Any digital marketing campaign can benefit greatly from a strong visual identity, in-depth understanding of the persona, and pertinent content. This is also true for Instagram.

Consider the fact that individuals are using this network to share wonderful times, and consider what your business can do to help.

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