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How To Advance Your Career In The Same Company In 2023

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The situation for advancing your career might not be as bad as we first thought if you are struggling to recover from a career slump brought on by the recession, the alarming unemployment rate, or the general lack of job security. When you think of taking steps to accelerate your career advancement during sluggish times, it might feel challenging at first.

And so, to help you stay motivated and future-proof your career, no matter what stage of your career, we’ve compiled our top five career advancement tips. 

For instance, smarter HRMS has developed several upskilling courses in various fields, including AIML, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and more, to aid you in your journey. Identify your area of interest to achieve your goals and improve or reskill.

Steps To Advance Your Career In The Same Company In 2023:

Create an action plan for your goals

Create an action plan to achieve your professional goals once you have defined them by asking yourself, “What does professional success look like for you?”

Making both short-term and long-term goals is a wise move. Make sure to take advantage of every opportunity to demonstrate your dedication to the company. We make the mistake of assuming that our managers will always reward us and know what is best for us. In fact, if we don’t make a strong impression, our work might be unjustly overlooked.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask for what you need and make sure the management knows how you plan to be rewarded for going above and beyond. Be prepared to take ownership of your work and handle conflicts with the same grace.

Add to your skill set

You might be stuck in your current job role because of your limited skill set. It is a good idea to learn new skills by enrolling in online courses, whether you want to improve your entrepreneurial endeavours, actively pursue new employment opportunities, or gain knowledge to apply to your career path. 

As a result, you can actively manage your career by developing a wide range of competencies, skills, and abilities. The most effective methods are as follows:

  • Create a five-year learning plan to get the knowledge and training you require.
  • Every year, decide on two skills you want to develop.
  • Follow and evaluate your educational development.

Divide your career goal into manageable, smaller goals, and work diligently to achieve each

It takes time to reach a certain career milestone. Therefore, the worst thing you can do is let your goal be unachievable or unmanageable while you wait for a chance to advance. 

Instead, divide your career objective into manageable chunks so you can develop manageable steps to get there more quickly. 

If a goal is not measurable, reasonable, and understandable, enthusiasm will eventually wane. In order to give you a clear path to follow, make a specific timeline for each milestone or goal. 

Ask your manager the following crucial questions to get going:

  • What types of professional milestones must I achieve?
  • What are the main skill gaps I have?
  • What requirements exist for promotions?
  • What qualifications should I have for project management experience?
  • What are the essential habits I need to develop in order to succeed in my career?

When you have all the information you require, you can brainstorm strategies for learning new skills, decide which projects you should participate in in the future, broaden your horizons, and look for mentorship opportunities to advance your career in small steps.

Smart HRMS tools also provide you and your manager with a performance management system. It enables everyone to rate and review one another. So the questions listed above can be easily answered without prodding in this system by the leader and the partners you work with on a project. 

Create a network of professionals

One of the most undervalued and frequently disregarded abilities for career advancement is networking. 

Many professionals are unaware of the invaluable assistance these people with goals-related skills and expertise can provide, especially if the employment landscape changes. 

A strong network can provide insightful information, know-how, recommendations, and opportunities to help you advance your career. 

To build your network, you can start by becoming a member of trade associations or alumni associations, networking online through LinkedIn groups or other channels, going to corporate events, volunteering, participating in employee resource groups, and reciprocating.

You can also use the employee referral code to help your friend or family member advance their career when using a smart HRMS. But make sure they have the given skill set and calibre to uplift the company culture if selected after the initial round of onboarding.

If you are able to bring your people into the organisation, the ones who deserve the job, your network and your hold in the company will automatically improve. It will be stronger, and your equity will eventually improve like never before. That’s one way of utilising your network to put it to productive use for all. 

You should never accept less

The most crucial rule is never to accept less than you deserve. Always aim higher – new abilities, new chances, new objectives. Avoid becoming so comfortable that you find yourself in a jobless situation, hoping your career will one day progress in the direction you desire.

Taking significant professional risks and looking for new jobs that fit your career objectives are equally important. 

Accept new career opportunities, increase your knowledge, and take more initiative to address the dearth of new opportunities. Present yourself as the ideal candidate whenever a chance to succeed arises.


The future is extremely uncertain as we live in turbulent times. You will likely experience setbacks along the way, regardless of how hard you try or how well you plan. 

The most effective professionals are resilient enough to recover from setbacks and view them as teaching opportunities. Keep an eye on your strengths, periodically evaluate them, and keep an open mind as the future unfolds. 

It gives you a bigger advantage for success and prepares you for the foreseeable future when you learn how to pick up better knowledge or skills. Let go of procrastination, which is success’s worst enemy. That’s how you learn to advance your career in the same company because you are continuously analysing your strengths and skill sets. 

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