Attendance Management System – A Requisite or a Luxury?

Due to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the education industry faced a tough time. It was really challenging for schools to continue teaching and learning during the lockdown with the traditional education system.

This eventually led to the revamp of the 34-year-old National Policy on Education. The new National Education Policy 2020 focuses on offering teachers and students a modern and digitalised approach towards teaching and learning through substantial changes in the education system.

Keeping track of students’ attendance is one of the essential tasks carried out in many schools and educational institutions, which is quite challenging with the traditional education system. However, in the competitive times today, schools are leveraging the power of attendance management systems to streamline and manage their operations.

Limitations of the Present Format of the Attendance Management System

Keeping and maintaining students’ attendance records is complex and challenging for educators as it consumes much time and is hard to manage in a noisy classroom. However, imagine if teachers could save valuable time and track attendance using the attendance management system instead of maintaining registers; it would be easier.

Almost all schools today have been adopting the latest technology in the attendance management system to track student’s attendance more effectively and efficiently. Through this, the chances of errors can be reduced to a great extent.

The attendance management system is one of the most advantageous software specifically designed for managing and maintaining the daily attendance of students. It is used by many schools today to tackle various complexities and get accurate attendance data. However, the present attendance management format has the following limitations:

  • Tedious Report Generation Process: The report generation in the current attendance management system is challenging and somewhat lengthy. As a result, teachers face difficulties producing accurate reports as more calculations are required, which might cause errors.
  • Manual Data Management: The present attendance management model requires a lot of manual work or paperwork. As a result, teachers and staff members face difficulties as it is hard to manage so many notes or handwritten data, and it consumes much time to retrieve data.
  • Manual Calculation: There are several schools and educational institutes where all the calculations are performed manually, increasing the probability of committing errors.

To avoid such limitations, schools must adopt a cutting-edge attendance management system. Let’s discuss how advanced attendance management software can benefit schools.

Benefits of Using a State-of-the-art Attendance Management System

Schools are gradually shifting from the previous education model and adopting the National Education Policy 2020. The new education model emphasises adopting several digital technologies. For example, an attendance management system is a holistic step toward managing student attendance and data without needing a pen, paper, register, notebooks, or other physical equipment or tools.

With the help of an attendance management system, educators can record students’ daily attendance – track their absent and present days, breaks, etc. In addition, it helps save much time for school staff members as they can manage students’ attendance records digitally. Here are some of the benefits of a next-gen attendance management system for schools:

  1. Auto Generation of Reports

Schools using the manual attendance system find it difficult to generate reports as they cannot automatically prepare them, requiring much time. However, with the introduction of an attendance management system, it is now easier for teachers to automatically prepare and manage students’ attendance reports.

  • Improved Punctuality

An attendance management system allows parents and teachers to keep track of student attendance. Teachers don’t have to open and check heavy and complicated registers to track a child’s daily attendance, while parents can also see their child’s attendance in real-time. As a result, students are usually on time and avoid getting absent as it is easier to identify their leaves, unlike in traditional systems.

  • Accessible and Secured Data Management

In a student attendance management system, all the data is collected and stored securely in the cloud as digital data. Thus the data is highly secured and easily accessible for teachers and parents to track students’ attendance. Students can also keep a record of their leaves, as they can access them online easily.

  • Improved Coordination Between All Stakeholders

Student attendance management system enables smooth improved coordination between all stakeholders: teachers, parents, students, and school management. In addition, as the data is directly accessible to all, a sense of transparency can be seen. Anyone can easily access the data as it is readily available for all.

On the contrary, in the manual attendance process, it is challenging for everyone to check students’ attendance as it is restricted to big and heavy registers that get stacked in some storage.

  • Paperless and Eco-Friendly Procedure

An online attendance management system helps teachers manage and collect the data without needing physical tools like registers, notebooks, pens, etc., as the data is stored digitally. Hence, the entire attendance procedure becomes paperless, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. Schools can utilise funds saved from eliminating the paper cost for various administrative and infrastructural activities.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we came to the fact that the new-age digital attendance management system is highly beneficial to all. It is eco-friendly as well as cost-effective, and time-saving. Furthermore, it makes the entire attendance process hassle-free and convenient for schools. Therefore, schools still using the traditional attendance system must adopt advanced attendance management systems to stay in line with the National Education Policy 2020.

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