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10 Types Of Shipping Services Customers Look For

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Small business owners must juggle time and responsibilities. You have to acquire new customers daily while managing product manufacturing, marketing, and balancing finances. You should allot order shipment. All your efforts will be useless if you can’t deliver your goods on time. There are tons of shopping services you have to consider. 

When choosing a shipping partner, you must pick the most suitable for your business. Can it handle fragile and expensive goods? Does it have safety measures for shipping heavy and bulky products? How long will a transit take to reach your customer’s doorstep? Can you offer your a fast yet budget-friendly shipment? 

These are questions you have to ask yourself when it comes to slimming down your shipping options. For a better comparison, we list the best choices your customers will look for in your online shop. 

Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping means faster delivery than the standard shipping time. Shipping providers move your items from the pick-up point toward the destination without any stopover. However, shipping carriers offer various terms and rates. Therefore, it’s best if you shop around and compare them first. Here is an example of delivery tie and expedited shipping service from top shippers. 

DHL Expedited Shipping

Branded as SmartMail in the US and International Direct for international shipments. 

  • SmartMail Parcel & Parcel Plus: Expedited delivery (2 to 5 days) and Expedited Max Delivery ( 2 to 3 business days)
  • SmartMail Flats: 3 to 8 days 
  • Parcel International Direct: It takes about 3 to 10 business days

UPS Expedited Shipping

Branded as UPS Worldwide Expedited service. 

  • US Domestic Packages: 3-Day Select (3-day delivery) and 2nd-Day Air (2-day delivery)
  • Canada Domestic Packages: 2 days
  • Worldwide Expedited: 2 to 5 business days

USPS Expedited Shipping 

Branded as Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express for expedited shipping services. 

  • Priority Mail: 1 to 3 business days 
  • Priority Mail Express: 1 to 2 days
  • USPS First-Class Mail: Small packages (2 to 5 business days) and regular mail (1 to 5 business days)

Same Day Delivery 

This type of shipping service focuses more on delivery time. If you can ship orders faster, you can immediately gratify your customers. You can opt for this shipping if you have the necessary resources. It can be a fast delivery team with a courier partner or same-day order fulfillment. However, only resort to this shipment if the customer agrees to pay more for the same-day delivery service. 

On the other hand, you will deliver to customers within the local region. But you must have your own delivery personnel or shipping service. 

Overnight Delivery

For urgent delivery, overnight shipping is an excellent shipping service. Customers expect to receive their items on the next business day. Also, it is alright to pay an extra charge for overnight service. On the other hand, you may offer free overnight shipping service to make your shop more appealing. It is a popular shipping option that helps you manage orders without compromising their expectations. But be mindful of the cost it entails.

Local Delivery or Pick Up

Local shipping is ideal if you have no intention to enter the international market. It is common for small eCommerce businesses as it saves you from shipping delays. You just have to set a delivery border to focus on customers within the delivery area. In addition, you can offer free local delivery. As a result, you gain possible loyal customers who buy more products instead of paying more for the delivery. 

International Shipping

If you opt to reach a more extensive and farther market, choose an international shipping service. It helps you sway your target people abroad. But be prepared, as this shipping option comes with a price and several challenges. First, it is expensive as your products have to cross various borders. It involves the origin country of the package and the different countries of its destination. In addition, you have to consider the other trade laws, regulations, taxes, and requirements. That’s why it is wise to find a reliable and dedicated shipping partner that offers appropriate shipping rates. This way, you don’t have to worry about navigation internationally. 

Free Shipping

It is online shoppers’ favorite among all the shipping services. You may offer it to your buyers, but you must increase your product prices. However, doing so can make your items less competitive in the market. But if you don’t do so, you will lose profit. When you apply for free shipping service, you must have some trick under your sleeves. Take note of these tips. 

Free shipping with a minimum order

It is a win-win solution as customers gain incentives as they increase their purchases.

Free shipping in a limited promotional time

Customers tend to grab the opportunity, especially during a limited-time offer. Then, instead of contemplating, they will complete the order form. 

Free shipping with a slower delivery time

It gives your customer a choice and a heads-up. If their ordered goods are not urgent, they can save costs through shipping. 

Table Rate Shipping

It is one of the excellent shipping services for multiple shipping zones. You set various shipping rates based on the package size and weight and the customer’s location. It sounds practical and more affordable, especially to buyers near you, without compromising the shipping rates of those far away. Also, it provides you with the flexibility and power to manage shipping zones. In addition, you can figure out a specific shipping option on a particular postal code or ZIP, state, state, region, and country. 

Flat Rate Box Shipping

A majority of online sellers use a flat-rate shipping service. It offers customers a fixed delivery price for different box sizes. You will set the exact dimensions for products and shipping boxes. As long as it fits inside the box, whatever the package weight is doesn’t matter. It is applicable to merchants who have a standard product line. Or if you sell items of similar size and weight. However, it is not practical if you have or plan to expand your product line. Nevertheless, don’t forget to charge based on various zones. 

Per Product Shipping

If your online store sells more large and bulky items, you must charge and ship your customers without the risk of losing profit. Examples of such goods are a desk, a bike, or a chair. Each product means a separate box. Therefore, you can accurately ship and charge them if done separately. That’s why per-product shipping is an ideal shipping service. 

Nevertheless, you must set up additional fees for every product and variation. Also, investing in a reliable shipping carrier like Red Stag Fulfillment is advisable. It is a popular name for handling big, bulky, and heavy items without risking the safety of each shipment. 

Freight Shipping

If you ship large quantities of products, freight shipping service is the most appropriate for your shop. This method is applicable if every shipment is larger than 30 x 30 x 30 inches or 150 pounds. Often, it uses pallets and shipping containers to deliver the goods. It is the most practical for mass shipment toward a distributor or fulfillment center. There are various types of freight shipping. These are:

  • Air freight via planes
  • Ground freight via trucks
  • Ocean freight via ships
  • Multimodal freight via a combination of vehicles

Check out the quotes of each freight shipping method from the carriers. Most of the time, they offer custom quotes since it depends on various factors. These are the mode of transportation, origin and destination, weight and size, and special handling requests. 

With these various shipping services, you can choose one or a combination. It helps you increase conversions while minimizing cart abandonment. Remember the right shipping option will lessen your burden and expenses. 

Make it feasible by choosing a centrally located fulfillment service like Red Stag Fulfillment. It guarantees faultless picking, packing, and shipping. Also, it offers fulfillment solutions that improves your shipping options. As a result, you increase your customer satisfaction while expanding your business. 

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