Finding the Right Google Advertising Agency For Your Business-Dos and Don’ts

Isn’t it surprising that almost 50% of viewers that click on your Google ads are likelier to make a purchase than viewers that came through an organic link? The truth is Google Ads are highly effective, and if they weren’t so, companies wouldn’t continue spending so much money on them.

The bigger challenge for companies is to choose the right Google advertising agency. Instead of relying on an in-house team to take care of your marketing campaigns, find a leading Google advertising agency for the job. 

What advantages can your business get by working with a Google advertising agency?

The first step to choosing a Google advertising agency is to understand what your business goals are and what you expect to achieve through the campaign. For instance, some businesses are looking to get more calls through their ads while others are keen to generate more traffic to their physical stores. 

The idea behind Google advertising is to drive more people to your site so that they can buy a product, sign up for a newsletter, or opt for your mailing list. The end goal is to boost revenues through this direct response channel. You can be sure that a successful ad will trigger instant action from searchers. It’s important to consider your budget and analyze metrics to see which ones need to be worked on. With an agency to help you with this, you will find it easier to manage a budget and identify profit-worthy campaigns.

What things should you look for when choosing a Google advertising agency for your company?

  • Certifications: One of the most important factors to consider is certification when it comes to hiring a Google Ads agency. When the agency has achieved Partner status, it means that it has shown the necessary skills and expertise, delivered growth in client revenues, and satisfied Google ad spend criteria. With a Partner status, you will get the Google Partner badge which you can proudly flaunt on your site. Besides valid certifications that prove the agency is legit, you need to make sure each of the strategists is individually certified.
  • Transparency: Google demands that agencies must be transparent with clients; this explains why certifications and Google Partner status are so valuable. When you work with a company that manages your AdWords campaigns, you must be able to see how much of the budget was spent on it, how many times the ads were displayed, and how many times users have clicked on them. Non-certified agencies typically cannot offer this level of transparency. But, this is important because you must be provided with access to reports, and metrics, including keywords and click-through rates, ad group structure, etc.
  • Flexibility: Some ad agencies try to lock clients into long-term contracts. This is worthwhile when you are creating a new client account because most agencies won’t profit much until they are some months into this campaign. However, it may not be in the client’s interest, particularly if the agency isn’t living up to its expectations. It’s advisable to opt for agencies offering flexible short-term contracts and focusing on providing high-end performance.
  • Consistency: Remember to check the agency’s track record before signing up with it. Your advertising agency should be open to sharing case studies and references with you as proof of their credibility and expertise. You should have data in hand to vet their track record. It’s also important to check whether the company has been able to deliver results over time.
  • Range of services: Don’t fall for companies that claim they “do it all”; this includes content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, website designing, PPC, etc. It’s better to choose agencies that focus on a specific task because becoming proficient at it demands daily practice, learning, and devoting all of the extra time to growing.
  • Accountability: If you have to turn visitors into customers and expand your brand’s reach you need to work with a lot of data. Your Google Ads agency should offer you detailed regular reports which display key data in simplified ways. Such reports show what the agency has done behind the scenes. Both Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics are tracking tools that agencies use for tracking purposes. However, to be sure about choosing the right ads agency, you need to ask them in-depth about their tracking techniques.
  • Affordability: You need to know the total costs right at the start; this means that the agency has to provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the expenses involved. This means knowing about services that are included within the package and services that may entail “hidden” charges. Moreover, the agency needs to tell you right at the beginning what it can and cannot do.

Use these guidelines to choose the best Google advertising agency for your business; optimize this direct response platform to get more conversions and boost your revenues.

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