17 Sunflower and Rose Wedding Ideas You Will Definitely Love

A rose, as we all know, is a symbol of love. This is why, when it comes to wedding decors and arrangements, most people cannot think of anything else but roses. But do you know what the combination of a Sunflower and a Rose represents?

It speaks of the unshakeable faith and unconditional compassion and love between the couple. So, if you are looking for a unique way to express your loyalty and adoration for your partner, take a look at these 17 Sunflower and Rose wedding ideas you will definitely love.

Let’s celebrate and pray for the longevity of a new journey with these beautiful flowers. 

Sunflower and Rose Wedding Ideas for the Bride:

Every bride wants to dress up as the queen of his man’s heart. And Sunflower and Rose wedding ideas, especially for the brides, will make her look gorgeous in the warm summer sunlight. 

Let’s look at these ideas where you may use the sunflower-rose combination.

  1. Bouquet for the Summer Bride

Without a pretty bouquet, the attire of a bride is never complete. You may DIY a simple combination of yellow sunflower and red or white roses. Or add Hydrangea, Feathers, and Eucalyptus to make it look more aesthetic.

  1. Crowns and Veils

The best thing about sunflower and rose is that you can find different variants of them, and even the tiny flowers smoothly accent the white wedding gown of the brides. The more minor variants should be combined as the crown, veils, or hair ornaments if one wants.

Sunflower and Rose Wedding Ideas for Groom:

If you are a Groom and already disappointed to see the bride’s only wedding ideas with sunflowers and roses, then cheer up!

Here is how a Groom should carry these flowers to keep a little touch of love and encouragement with him throughout the ceremony.

  1. Boutonniere for the Summer Groom:

It is most likely that you will wear a suit at your wedding. Ask your florist to personalize a boutonniere for you that will be a miniature of the bouquet your bride will carry.

You can also order the same for your friends standing beside you as the groomsmen.

For Bridesmaid:

  1. Corsages:

Corsages are mainly made for bridesmaids and sometimes for all the guests present at the wedding, especially the little kids. Customized corsages with sunflower and roses may add variant colors that will be cohesive with the wedding theme.

Wedding Decoration Ideas with Sunflower and Rose

Now that we have talked about the stunning looks of the bride and groom let’s move on to the wedding venue. Both rose and sunflower can be a fantastic arrangement for indoor and outdoor wedding venue decorations.

  1. Customized Wedding Invites

With dried sunflower and rose petals, customize your wedding invitation. You can also make epoxy keychains with little sunflower and rose petals or flowers as a souvenir and add them to the invitation.

  1. Bridal Shower Wreath 

Since you have already informed the guests about the theme through the wedding cards, it’s time to prepare for the bridal shower before the special day. And instead of a simple, white wreath for your door, organize a sunflower ring and rose in an alternative sequence.

  1. Rustic wedding Center Piece

Deciding a centerpiece for the wedding venue might be the most confusing part of the decoration. But with deep red, yellow, or white roses, giant sunflowers will create a magnificent centerpiece for your wedding venue.

  1. Aisle Markers

Sunflowers on the ground and roses in the vase can make a significant aisle marker at your wedding. Many wedding planners add ribbons with these flowers and attach them to the chairs for the guests. Remember that simple is always better; you do not need a garden full of flowers. 

  1. Arch or Backdrop

The place where you will be exchanging vows should be the most spectacular one, don’t you think so too? And for beach weddings in the summer or fall, bright yellow sunflower, green leaves, pink or white roses with white satin is the perfect combination to make the arch. 

  1. Mandap Designing

Indian Mandap designs are also an aesthetic choice for wedding décor. The square frame over the head will be a new look for any Catholic wedding.

  1. Wedding Favors 

Would you let your guests leave the venue empty-handed? Organize a simple gift box with chocolates and cover it with the flowers of the theme.

  1. Photo Booth 

Is there any wedding without photographs? And what if there is a particular photo booth for the guests to click photos? Let everyone have their Insta-friendly pictures with the sunflowers and roses.

  1. Hand fans 

Since you are planning the wedding in the summer, and the arch or aisle is likely to be outside, you should customize hand fans with the same theme. They can take the fans with them after the wedding with happy hearts.

  1. Décor with lights

For interior décor or dining decoration, small jars with rose petals and sunflowers, in addition to the LED lights, will be the main attraction of your décor. The small jars full of light will symbolize lightening up your future together, just like the eternal Sun.

  1. Seating Chart Display with bottles calligraphy:

For a unique idea for a Guest chart or seat plan, consider glass bottles or jars that will contain the flowers. The bride and groom might use calligraphy to add more variation rather than the traditional lettering on the board. Let your guests have fun finding their seats.

  1. Wedding Cake 

Decorating the wedding cake with real flowers is the newest trend. Try that out, and you’ll love it.

  1. Country wedding theme in a sunflower field 

If you own a farm or a sunflower field, arrange a little space to make your wedding aisle. You can enjoy the vintage farm wedding with lots of flowers!


Before drawing the ending line, we want to say that you should lighten up your wedding day with your choices and interests. Don’t hesitate to show a bold statement and use intense yellow and red at your wedding.

And with the sunflower and rose wedding ideas mentioned above, personalize any item you want to include in the theme. You will love the whole attire.

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