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Does a Bunkie Board Make a Difference?

You’ll surely know about bunkie boards if you search for high-quality bed frames. The best bunkie boards depend on different aspects, but they’re very comfortable and durable.

You will find that bunkie boards are made of various materials to fit properly. But does a bunkie board make a difference in your ultimate comfort or sleeping time?

This article brings up everything you need to know about bunkie boards along with the answer to the question mentioned above.

Bunkie Board History

“Bunky boards” and “bunkie boards” are the same things that you can use for a base under mattresses of bunk beds. In traditional mattresses, you will require support like box springs. However, box springs aren’t a solution for bunk beds. 

On the bunk beds, it would be best to avoid using a box spring and mattress. This could result in the sleepers would hit the top bed or the ceiling when they sat down. Therefore, for such cases, bunkie boards have been invented. Also, the bunkie boards are lower than the box springs, so you won’t have any injury.

Importance of Bunkie Board

Box springs are designed for traditional mattresses, where you can put more pressure and get more support. However, you might not need a box spring for the modern mattresses as they might sag if not placed on a flat or solid surface.

Most foam mattresses lose their shape when you don’t place them on a hard surface. So, you can insert a barrier if you don’t have a solid base. Through such cases, the bunkie board option has arrived. Bunkie board can create a hard surface so your mattress would stay firm and strong.

Does a Bunkie Board Make a Difference?

A bunkie board is a new design that differs from box springs, plywood, or slats. Let’s get to know more about the differences.

Box Spring vs. Bunkie Board

In a box spring, spring coils evenly distribute pressure and weight. However, the recent box springs hold metallic or wooden cases and cloth covers. Nevertheless, you will get support only on traditional mattresses and not foam mattresses.

Many people want to keep their box springs, so it would be best to set the mattress on the bunkie board for proper support. Even before doing these, you should check the warranty of your mattress. Many companies limit such situations as box stands cant take enough weight.

Plywood vs. Bunkie Board

You can try to DIY your bunkie board to place plywood under the mattress. If you want a perfect plywood size for your bed, you need to choose around 4 inches of thickness. Additionally, make sure the plywood fits exactly with your bed frame. 

While protecting the foam mattress, you can always use plywood on top of the box springs. But plywood can destroy the cover and sheet as they can snag and chip. In this regard, a bunkie board can help your over and sheets to last longer.

Slats vs. Bunkie Board

Slat bases are very complicated. It would be tough for you to use latex mattresses as they would stay away for about 2 inches. The same goes for foam mattresses, as they would stay apart for about 3 inches. In modern frames, you will get slats foundation which isn’t for latex or foam mattresses. 

These types of mattresses prefer a solid base. In such cases, you can use bunkie boards if you want to save your covers and sheets.

Where can you find a bunkie bed?

There’s a wide range of bunkie beds that you can select from in online shops. However, you can also find them in retail shops for furniture. Good furniture stores can help you select the correct bunkie for your bed frame. There are a few sizes based on which you can get a perfect-sized bunkie bed. 

Final Words

Now you might have the answer to the question, “does a bunkie board make a difference?”. A bunkie board will support the mattress comfortably and inexpensively.

However, you should choose a good-quality bunkie bed for yourself. As there are so many beds available, do proper research to get your desired one.

Now, every sleep would be a good one!

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