How to Write an Appeal Letter for Visa Refusal?

Applying for a visa requires a great deal of time and resources. To obtain a visa to Canada, you will need to gather the necessary documents, attend an interview, and pay the price, among other things.

However, applying for a visa through does not guarantee that you will be granted one. You can always be rejected, regardless of whatever country’s embassy you apply to or the purpose of your trip. And sometimes, this rejection may become unintentionally wrongful for your case.

As a result, Canada has made it possible for visa applicants who have been denied a visa to appeal the decision. The appeal process can be complex and tricky for many. Thus, we will know how to write an appeal letter for visa refusal in this article.

What Is an Appeal Letter for Visa Refusal?

You will need to prepare an appeal letter for visa refusal to challenge the negative decision made in your case. It is not an easy effort to write this letter.

The letter should contain compelling logic about why you consider the decision to deny you a visa erroneous and why you believe they should reverse it. Proper laws and facts must support these justifications.

It is important to remember that you should only submit this letter if you have solid grounds for your appeal. However, you should not submit a letter if you have no justification while the embassy’s decision was correct.

When it comes to visa denial appeals, each country has its own set of guidelines. As a result, you should call the embassy of that nation to find out where you should file this letter, how long you have to do so, and other details.

How to Write an Appeal Letter for Visa Refusal?

If your application for a Canadian visa has been denied, you can submit an appeal letter to have your case reconsidered. We strongly advise that you have only an immigration professional assist you with this phase to avoid any mistakes and maximize your chances of approval.

The appeal should consist of specific information about you and the embassy. So, make sure you include the following information in writing the appeal letter:

  • The date you are submitting the letter
  • The Canadian embassy’s address
  • Your personal information and full current address
  • The date of the Canadian visa rejection
  • The main body of the letter covers topics like why the visa was rejected, why you believe the authority should reconsider, and all the proof that you should be allowed a visa
  • Your previous travel history with authentic visa dates
  • Reinstating your reasons for visiting Canada
  • Provide the urgency and importance of visa acceptance
  • Hand-sign your letter
  • Include all important documents as an attachment with the letter

Appeal Options for Immigration Refusal in Canada

If you’ve been turned down for entry to Canada, you have a few options. Which option for challenging a Canadian visa refusal is best for you is determined by various factors. This mostly includes the type of visa application you submitted.

Have you applied for permanent residence in Canada or for a tourist or study visa in Canada? Various sorts of visas and specific circumstances require different types of appeals.

You may only have 30 days to appeal a Canadian visa denial. You only have a few hours to complete this task, so move swiftly. You have the following options for appeal:

  • You can appeal to the Federal Court of Canada for the immigration refusal
  • You can appeal to the Immigration Adjudication Division (IAD)
  • You can appeal to the Case Processing Center (CPC)


It’s a long and difficult process to appeal a Canadian visa denial. You’ll need to show why your entry should not have been refused in the first place and why you deserve another shot.

Thus, during an appeal against a Canadian visa refusal, a professional immigration lawyer might be your most valuable asset and ally.

So, do you need guidance on how to write an appeal letter for visa refusal? If so, contact an experienced visa agency today to get started with your case. We know that the situation can be stressful, but you will have to work fast.

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